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Can You Work While in Rehab?

Can You Work While in Rehab?

2023-05-26 22:46:39

For people struggling with addiction, there are often barriers to them getting treatment. Most of the time, the barrier is not knowing where to get treatment or what treatment is available to them. In other cases, though, the barrier is a bit more practical, figuring out whether they are going to be able to keep working while in treatment. The truth is, depending on the type of rehab you are in, this answer can get complicated very fast. Understanding how the different levels of rehab work and whether or not you can work during treatment will make getting the care you need that much easier. 


Find Luxury Rehabs is your place to find the addiction treatment you need for your unique situation. We are partnered with a network of providers that offer a range of different care options to suit your needs or the needs of your loved one so that no matter what happens, you find the right treatment fit for you. We know that trying to maintain your day-to-day life while dealing with addiction and trying to get help is stressful, and we are there for you to see you through to the other side. 

What Are the Types of Addiction Treatment? 

If you haven’t been to rehab before or know someone who has, you may not be aware of the different types of treatment. There are two broad categories of treatment: inpatient and outpatient. 


Outpatient treatment is the most flexible, with two different types of programs. The standard outpatient program involves a person coming to the treatment facility, getting the care they need, and then being able to leave and go about their day. Check-ins and monitoring are in place to ensure they stay sober, but the program’s goal is to allow them to handle their day-to-day responsibilities like work and family. 


The next level of outpatient is intensive outpatient treatment. This type of program is the same as an outpatient, only the visits are more frequent and the check-ins more numerous. This is for those that still need the freedom of outpatient treatment but with a little added support. 


Inpatient treatment is a bit different. Inpatient treatment programs require the client to stay at a facility for a set duration, typically 28, 30, or 90 days. These programs are typically reserved for those that need extra supervision, sometimes those who have struggled with relapse or who have unique medical concerns to look out for. Inpatient care may also include partial hospitalization to treat health issues and other support depending on the needs of the client. These programs are more strict, usually because that is what the client needs to successfully complete their treatment, but there are benefits to each type of treatment depending on the situation of the individual. 

Can You Work in Rehab?

Finding rehab where you can work or being in rehab while working can be a tricky situation. You have to manage your treatment properly while also keeping up with your job. If you are in outpatient rehab, then you should have no trouble, as this type of program lets you schedule your treatment around your responsibilities.


If you’re wondering, can you work while in inpatient rehab? Inpatient rehab requires you to stay at the facility. This means if you have to show up for your job in person, then you will be out of luck. However, if you are in a position where you can work remotely, then you can actually keep working. Many inpatient facilities will give you access to amenities like Wi-Fi and fax machines so that you can handle any work responsibilities remotely between treatment sessions and during downtime. 

Let Find Luxury Rehabs Find Treatment For You 

When you’re ready to get treatment for your addiction, let Find Luxury Rehabs lead the way. We will assess your unique situation and find you the rehab program that works best for your situation.No matter whether you want inpatient or outpatient treatment. 


We have a network of providers that can handle just about any situation, including different addictions and specialty needs, so that you can do what you need to do to focus on your recovery. Treatment is the first step in a long journey toward sobriety, and we are here to help you take that first step. Do not let addiction control your life any longer; take the first step with Find Luxury Rehabs today.