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Multiplan Rehabs

Multiplan Rehabs

Rehabilitation services covered by Multiplan insurance enable individuals seeking help for addiction to access comprehensive and affordable treatment options, ensuring a path to recovery is within reach for those in need.

Paying For TreatmentMultiplan Rehabs Coverage
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Multiplan Rehabs Coverage

MultiPlan is a facilitator for Preferred Provider Organization networks or PPO networks. A PPO is slightly different from a regular health insurance plan or HMO because you don’t need a referral from a doctor to start MultiPlan addiction treatment. Let Find Luxury Rehabs connect you to vetted, trustworthy rehab facilities today.

What is MultiPlan Insurance?

If you want help, figuring out what your insurance will pay for can be challenging. MultiPlan drug rehab offers many policy types and a range of coverage.

Does MultiPlan Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

This depends on your plan. While you have more flexibility in terms of the MultiPlan addiction treatment center you use, you also have higher costs for co-pays, premiums, and deductibles. MultiPlan insurance coverage for drug and alcohol rehab will include the following:

Mental health care

The federal government requires that all MultiPlan insurance coverage provide insurance for mental health services. There are ten essential services that your health plan has to cover included in which are mental health services and addiction treatment. So, find a facility that offers MultiPlan drug rehab. You can use your insurance policy to pay for your detox, medications, behavioral therapy or counseling, and other ongoing mental health services.

Inpatient treatment

Like many healthcare providers, you might be able to get MultiPlan insurance coverage for drug and alcohol rehab at an inpatient facility if your provider deems it medically necessary. While you don’t necessarily have to go to your primary care physician to get help for addiction, if you are considering an inpatient or residential facility, they might require an appointment for a follow-up to confirm the severity of your condition.

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How Long Will MultiPlan Cover Drug Treatment?

Yes, but what they cover is based heavily on your plan. Resources like Find Luxury Rehabs can help you compare different rehab facilities based on their services and what they might cost you out of pocket. Coverage will vary from one policy to the next. It can be challenging to figure out precisely what is covered under your plan unless you keep your summary of benefits which is sent in the mail, and you will lie. If you misplaced that document, which most people do, you can:
  1. Call your insurance provider using the number on the back and ask for something like member services, where they will go over your policy with you. When you make this phone call, the people on the other end have experience, but they are reviewing your summary of benefits all the same. So when you ask whether medication-assisted treatment is covered for alcoholism, they might use a search function within your digital document to look for the names of medications used for alcohol medication-assisted treatment.
  2. Use Find Luxury Rehabs to connect directly with local rehab providers and speak with their insurance specialists. Local rehab centers have teams of dedicated specialists who can review your benefits with you and explain not just what is covered by your policy but how that coverage translates to the services provided at that center. When you ask about coverage for medication-assisted treatment, they can tell you what types of services you might receive during your detox and your ongoing inpatient or outpatient care, side by side with what your insurance will cover and what you will have to pay out-of-pocket.
Co-pays and Deductibles One of the most important things to review with your insurance policy is your deductible and your co-pay. A co-pay is a specific number you must pay every time you visit the doctor or get a prescription. Your co-pay might be $0, depending on the policy you have. It might be $25 or more. If you have a co-pay of $15, that means every time you go to an outpatient therapy session as part of your addiction treatment, you might have to pay $15. Still, given that individual therapy can cost hundreds of dollars per session, paying only $15 out-of-pocket is a much more manageable figure. A deductible is a specific amount of money you have to pay every year toward your medical services before the insurance policy kicks in and covers the rest for the remainder of the year. Your deductible is inversely related to your monthly premium. If you pay a low monthly premium, you have a high-deductible and vice versa. So, if you are looking into a residential inpatient program, your policy might require that you pay your full deductible, after which they will cover the rest. So if your current deductible is still $2,100, you’ll have to pay $2,100 toward your total rehab costs, after which your insurance will cover the rest. Contact Find Luxury Rehabs to find MultiPlan drug rehab that can go over your policy options now.

Are There MultiPlan Rehab Centers?

With a PPO like MultiPlan, you get a few benefits from using an in-network rehab center.
  1. The most significant benefit is better coverage. Using in-network MultiPlan rehab centers increases the likelihood that most, if not all, of your coverage, will be paid for by the insurance company. Financially, rehab can be costly, especially if you have to move through inpatient residential programs to intensive outpatient and ongoing aftercare.
  2. Another key benefit to working with an inpatient facility is a better collection of specialists and service providers. As a PPO, you have hundreds of specialists with individualized services that you can access no matter where you are.
  3. Finally, seeing as the restrictions are not as severe with MultiPlan, by remaining within your network, you can still get treatment across multiple States, not just where you live.
Let Find Luxury Rehabs help you look up MultiPlan addiction treatment in your area of choice.

What Are the Benefits of an In-Network MultiPlan Rehab Center?

Time constraints on MultiPlan drug rehab are based on your level of care. Specific plans cover 30-day treatment programs, while others cover up to 90 days. Reach out to Find Luxury Rehabs to learn how long your policy covers.
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Finding MultiPlan Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Near You

Finding drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be overwhelming. There are thousands of rehab centers across the United States. But resources like Find Luxury Rehabs can help you refine those search parameters and lookup facilities based on the types of treatment they offer, the therapies they provide, their qualifications, and whether they accept MultiPlan insurance coverage for drug and alcohol rehab. By connecting with facilities that offer MultiPlan addiction treatment, you can work with their internal staff to review your policy and how your coverage applies to the treatment you want. It might surprise you just how much of your addiction treatment is covered through your insurance policy, especially given federal mental health and substance abuse treatment mandates. With Find Luxury Rehabs, you can get coverage through your MultiPlan drug rehab today!

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