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Native American

We offer culturally sensitive support tailored for Native American individuals, incorporating traditional healing practices alongside modern treatment methods to provide a respectful, holistic path to recovery.

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Native American

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Treatment For Native Americans

There are almost 7 million self-identified Native Americans across the United States. The 7 million are divided into 561 federally recognized tribes. 60% live in urban settings and don’t necessarily have a direct affiliation with other tribal members, but 40% live on or near reservations.

There is a risk of a 5.5-year lower life expectancy because of chronic illness, substance abuse, and suicide. Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance; Native American populations have higher rates of alcoholism compared to any other racial group. The use of methamphetamines has grown significantly over the last few years and compared to other racial groups. Native Americans use illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs at higher rates than any other demographic.

The need for Native American addiction treatment remains strong. Thankfully, you can find a Native American alcohol rehab center or local Native American substance abuse treatment.

Let Find Luxury Rehabs help you locate a nearby Native American drug rehab center.

Native American Addiction Statistics

Substance abuse has disproportionately impacted Native American populations. one survey indicates that people living on or near a reservation have significantly higher rates of drug abuse and alcoholism at a much younger age compared to the general population.

  • More than 22% of Native American adults struggle with a mental health disorder, and 11% have a substance abuse problem.
  • The national average for alcoholism is 5.1%, but for Native Americans, that figure is 7.2%.
  • 23% of Native Americans over the age of 12 use marijuana, and 10% of the adult population has a marijuana abuse disorder.
  • The overdose death rate is 2.7 times higher than white Americans of the same demographic.

Use Find Luxury Rehabs today to start Native American addiction treatment.

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Why is Substance Abuse in Native American Communities Common?

Substance abuse is common across Native American communities for many reasons.

Historical Trauma and Cultural Displacement

Native American communities have experienced centuries of colonization, forced relocation, and cultural suppression. This historical trauma, including the loss of land, culture, and identity, has had long-lasting psychological effects, contributing to higher rates of substance abuse.

Socioeconomic Factors

Many Native American communities face significant socioeconomic challenges, including poverty, unemployment, and limited access to educational and economic opportunities. These stressors can increase the risk of substance abuse as a means of coping.

Limited Access to Healthcare

There is often limited access to healthcare services, including mental health and substance abuse treatment, in many Native American communities. This lack of access can prevent individuals from receiving the help they need.

Mental Health Issues

High rates of mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD, are prevalent in these communities. These conditions are often a response to the ongoing effects of historical trauma and current socioeconomic difficulties.

What Are the Benefits of an Addiction Treatment Program For Native Americans

Tribal Culture

Our rehab centers honor and respect Tribal culture, recognizing its importance in the healing journey. We offer culturally sensitive programs that incorporate traditional practices, ceremonies, and teachings to support recovery. Embracing Tribal culture fosters a deeper connection to heritage and spirituality, empowering individuals on their path to wellness

Cultural Expectations

Navigating cultural expectations can be a significant aspect of the recovery process for Native Americans. Our rehab centers recognize and respect these expectations, offering programs that align with cultural values and beliefs. Whether it’s incorporating family involvement, honoring spiritual practices, or respecting communal traditions, we strive to create a treatment environment that meets cultural expectations and promotes holistic healing

Historical Trauma

Historical trauma can deeply impact Native American communities, contributing to substance abuse and mental health challenges. Our rehab centers provide a safe space to address and heal from historical traumas, offering specialized therapies and support services tailored to the unique needs of Native individuals. By acknowledging and understanding historical trauma, we help clients navigate their recovery journey with compassion and resilience.


Confidentiality is paramount in our rehab centers, especially when serving Native American communities. We adhere to strict confidentiality protocols to protect the privacy and dignity of every individual seeking treatment. Rest assured that your personal information and journey to recovery will be kept confidential within our secure and supportive environment, allowing you to focus solely on your path to healing.

Native American

How to Find Native American Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Finding the right program can be difficult for anyone struggling with addiction. It gets even more complicated when you have been lied to about healthcare or don’t have access to any in your area. Sometimes, finding transportation to weekly meetings is impossible enough to stop you from getting help. But with Find Luxury Rehabs, you can find local Native American alcohol addiction treatment.

You can look up a Native American drug rehab center in your area. We make it easy to compare Native American substance abuse treatment programs based on their social services, confidentiality, and cultural competence.

Turn to Find Luxury Rehabs today to get help!

Consult Local Native American Organizations

Start by contacting local Native American community centers or organizations. They often have information on treatment programs that are culturally sensitive and designed specifically for Native American individuals.

Use Tribal Resources

If the individual is a member of a tribe, check with the tribal council or health department. Many tribes have their own healthcare systems and may provide substance abuse treatment services or can refer to appropriate programs.

Are There Recovery Support Groups for Native Americans?

Given the limited access to healthcare among Native American communities, there are ample resources to help address things like mental health concerns. Many organizations offer Native American alcohol rehab or drug rehab on reservations and within local communities.

There are interactive checklists that can be used daily to verify mental health status and determine when it is time to get help at a Native American drug rehab center. You can even find indigenous tribal organizations that have healthcare resources online.

Reach out to Find Luxury Rehabs to compare Native American alcohol rehab options side by side.

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