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Cigna Rehabs

Cigna Rehabs

Cigna insurance coverage includes options for addiction treatment, enabling policyholders to access essential rehab services and support systems for a comprehensive and effective recovery process.

Paying For TreatmentCigna Rehabs Coverage
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Cigna Rehabs Coverage

Getting treatment for addiction takes incredible strength, but it also takes money. So how do you cover the cost of Cigna addiction treatment? What parts of your rehab will your insurance pay for? And what do you do when you are left with a bill?

Begin Your Journey Towards Healing

Getting treatment for addiction takes incredible strength, but it also takes money. So how do you cover the cost of Cigna addiction treatment? What parts of your rehab will your insurance pay for? And what do you do when you are left with a bill?

Talk to Find Luxury Rehabs to find a Cigna drug and alcohol rehab center.

What Drug Rehab Programs Will Cigna Cover?

What gets covered at a Cigna drug and alcohol rehab center is based on your plan. Whatever level of coverage you have will apply toward any substance, so you aren’t restricted if you, for example, have an addiction to marijuana versus heroin. For example: If you have Cigna’s Bronze plan, it comes with a meager monthly premium. The downside is a low premium means a high deductible. The premium is what you pay every month. The deductible is what you have to pay out of pocket per year before your insurance covers the rest of your health expenses. It also varies based on your state. In some states, you need to find an in-network provider to get Cigna addiction treatment. An in-network provider is a rehab facility where you can get Cigna drug treatment or Cigna alcohol treatment for agreed-upon prices with your insurance. Your policy is more likely to cover some, if not all, of your treatment. An out-of-network provider is not someone with an agreed-upon price list with Cigna and, therefore, may not be covered at all. Another variable is pre-qualification. Cigna requires pre-qualification for certain services, like mental health services. So, if you are interested in getting help from a dual diagnosis center for depression and addiction, you might need to get an official diagnosis before Cigna covers it. You should reach out to Cigna to go over whether your condition requires pre-qualification and how to find in-network providers.


You can get detox coverage at a Cigna drug and alcohol rehab center. Your plan may only cover part of the detox process, but without detox, you cannot transition into the rest of your recovery.


Cigna drug treatment is covered during outpatient therapy. During an outpatient program, you get to live at home and return to a rehab center for your treatment. Almost all policies would include some level of outpatient coverage for addiction and mental health, even if those items were pre-existing when you took out the policy with Cigna.

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How Long Will Cigna Cover Drug Treatment?

Our caring team of treatment placement specialists are standing by ready to help you find the treatment that works best for your personal needs. Our hand-picked network of trusted luxury rehabs offers you the power of choice when seeking treatment for substance abuse.

Are There Cigna Rehab Centers?

The most significant benefit to using an in-network Cigna rehab center is coverage. Cigna is one of a few insurance providers that is much less likely to cover any of your treatment if you go out of network. With in-network providers, you can help any mental health treatment covered for a short length of time, as well as most medications you receive. The Federal government requires all healthcare providers to offer the following:
  • Psychotherapy or counseling
  • Mental health inpatient services
  • Substance abuse treatment
What benefits you have will depend on the plan you have and the state in which you live, but Cigna is required to give some coverage for in-network facilities. Thankfully there are thousands of treatment facilities out there, so whatever combination you want most can be found with Find Luxury Rehabs. We can connect you to facilities with dual diagnosis and a specialty in bipolar disorder or a facility with inpatient services and brain optimization or mindfulness classes. Call Find Luxury Rehabs now to get in-network centers in your area.

What Are the Benefits of an In-Network Cigna Rehab Center?

This, again, comes down to the type of plan you have. At an approved Cigna drug and alcohol rehab center, you can usually get coverage for 30-days, 60-day, even 90-days at an approved facility, or longer for outpatient treatment. Usually, Cigna will approve coverage for a specific length of time and then evaluate your progress at the end of the program to determine if you need additional treatment. If you do, they will reassess what is covered under your policy. With Find Luxury Rehabs, we can connect you with vetted, local Cigna drug treatment where you live.
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Finding Cigna Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Near You

If you are ready for treatment, Find Luxury Rehabs will help you find approved centers in your area. We can help you refine the facilities based on the treatment they provide, especially if you need something like MAT or dual diagnosis. With our help, you can find qualified, professional rehab centers that take Cigna insurance and speak with them about the treatment they provide, their billing structure, and what your policy will cover. Let Find Luxury Rehabs help you review Cigna-approved rehab centers today.

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