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Whether you're seeking a tranquil haven for personal growth or specialized programs to address specific challenges, Find Luxury Rehabs has you covered.

What Are the Differences in Amenities?

A luxury treatment center provides an upscale atmosphere for clients in recovery. The purpose of a luxury treatment facility is to provide the most relaxing environment for those in treatment, so they can focus exclusively on themselves without outside distractions or stresses. As an additional aspect of an upscale drug rehab environment, privacy is a major priority, with each client receiving their own rooms and amenities, rather than sharing space with others.

What Are the Differences in Treatment?

While similar evidence-based therapies may be implemented at both a traditional rehab and a luxury treatment facility, a luxury facility is designed to put the needs of the individual above everything. Traditional rehabs often may use "one-size-fits-all" approach to treatment that has been proven ineffective for recovery. A luxury drug and alcohol rehab ensures every client receives an individualized plan for their recovery, taking their unique needs, history, and goals into account.

Luxury treatment centers also are more likely to offer specialty treatment programs, such as yoga therapy, equine therapy, or experiential therapy. A smaller client-to-staff ratio allows these upscale treatment centers to give each person the attention they deserve.

What Are the Differences in Visitation Policies?

Visitation policies are set by the individual facility, and even for luxury treatment centers may vary. While some treatment centers limit outside interaction for the client to be able to focus on themselves in treatment, others use family therapy as a foundational aspect of the treatment process.

What Can You Bring To Luxury Rehab?

All treatment facilities allow the essentials to be brought during treatment, such as clothing and any toiletries a person may need. While traditional drug rehabs do not allow much else, luxury treatment facilities are usually less strict, allowing cellphone and laptop use, although that use may be limited to only certain times.

Can You Work While in Treatment?

Many traditional treatment centers do not allow any technology use. However, luxury treatment centers often have executive or professional programs that recognize a client`s need to continue work. A luxury drug rehab may offer certain times each day for individuals to check emails and work, so therapy can be the primary focus outside of that time.

What is the Cost of a Luxury Treatment Program?

Upscale addiction treatment centers do come at an increased cost compared to traditional or outpatient facilities. The luxury amenities, privacy, and specialty treatment programs are the benefits of that higher cost that a traditional treatment center cannot offer.

The average inpatient rehab may cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 for a full month. Luxury options can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 per month.

It is essential to note that these are just general estimates and depending on the location and offerings of the specific treatment facility. Health insurance will also potentially cover a significant amount of the cost of treatment, so it is important to verify your benefits.

Should You Travel For Luxury Rehab?

Traveling for treatment can be beneficial for some individuals, but may not be a great fit for others. Certain individuals may find it helpful to remove themselves from the area they live during the initial stages of treatment. Separating yourself from the people and triggers that played a role in your addiction can allow you to focus on your own needs and treatment during recovery.

Alternatively, any client who would like to incorporate family therapy into their treatment would likely need to stay close by their loved ones, for ease of travel. In the end, the ability to travel for treatment is a decision that comes down to each individual person.

Is Luxury Rehab Anonymous?

Luxury addiction treatment facilities, like all medical facilities, are required by law to adhere to staff-to-patient confidentiality. Most treatment facilities require all employees to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to protect their client`s safety.

While in treatment, many clients may additionally feel comfortable only using their first name instead of their full name to further protect their privacy.

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From pools and equestrian centers to private rooms and gourmet meals, Find Luxury Rehabs can help you find the right fit for your luxury rehabilitation stay.


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