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Learn more about how we help the faith-based community with luxury addiction treatment.

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Faith-Based Treatment

If you are struggling with addiction, faith-based addiction treatment can help reassure you that With God, all things are possible. Scriptures show that regular prayer serves as an avenue for communication with God. During faith-based addiction programs, prayer can be an integral part of your program, helping you to solidify your recovery.

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What Role Does Faith Play in Recovery?

Faith plays a significant role in recovery. Scientific evidence confirms that involvement of any face or spiritual belief reduces your risk of substance abuse, improves your chances of success during a faith-based drug rehab program, and reduces the risk of relapse after completion.

  • Studies confirm that adults without faith are three times more likely to become an alcoholic and four times more likely to use illegal drugs.
  • Similarly, adults who have no participation in religious services are five times more likely to use illegal drugs and seven times more likely to drink than those who attend church regularly.
  • People who maintain faith will heal faster and self-report leading healthier lives after completing a faith-based drug and alcohol rehab program than those with no spiritual beliefs.
  • Those who participate in faith-based addiction programs have higher chances of success and lifelong sobriety.

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What is Faith-Based Addiction Treatment?

Faith-based addiction treatment is any addiction treatment that involves faith or religion directly in the program.

With resources like Find Luxury Rehabs, you can find things like the following:

Integration of Spiritual Principles

Faith-based treatment programs integrate religious or spiritual principles into the addiction recovery process. This can include prayer, meditation, study of religious texts, and attendance at religious services.

Variety of Faiths

While many faith-based programs are Christian in orientation, there are also programs tailored to other faiths, including Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and others. Each program typically aligns its approach with the teachings and practices of its respective faith.

Holistic Approach

These programs often take a holistic approach to treatment, addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction. The spiritual component is seen as a crucial element in the healing process.

Supportive Community

Faith-based programs often emphasize the importance of community and fellowship. Participants may find support not only from counselors and staff but also from peers who share similar beliefs and values.

Are There Faith-Based Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers?

Spiritual Framework

Faith-based rehab centers incorporate spiritual principles and practices into their treatment programs. These centers often use religious teachings, prayer, meditation, and worship services as integral parts of the recovery process.

Diverse Religious Orientations

While many of these centers are Christian-based, offering programs grounded in Christian theology and practice, there are also centers that cater to other religious beliefs, including Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and more.

Combination of Spiritual and Conventional Therapies

These centers typically combine spiritual or religious practices with conventional addiction treatment methods. This can include individual and group therapy, behavioral therapies, medical treatment, and support groups.


What Are the Benefits of Faith-Based Addiction Programs?

Attendance at a faith-based addiction program brings many benefits regardless of any religious upbringing you may or may not have had. Studies indicate that spiritual or religious beliefs can help you heal faster, they give you a higher chance of successfully developing long-term coping strategies and avoiding relapse, and they provide you with more beneficial behaviors you can apply to your long-term sobriety.

Spiritual Support

These programs provide a spiritual framework for recovery, aligning treatment with the individual’s faith and belief system. This spiritual support can be a powerful motivator and source of strength during the recovery process.

Holistic Approach to Treatment

Faith-based programs often take a holistic approach, addressing not just the physical and mental aspects of addiction, but also the spiritual and emotional needs of the individual.

Shared Values and Beliefs

Being in a community of individuals who share similar values and beliefs can provide a strong support network. This sense of community can reduce feelings of isolation and provide mutual encouragement and understanding.

Are There Faith-Based Recovery Groups?

You can find faith-based drug and alcohol rehab centers across the United States. There are thousands of facilities spanning every state, and attendance at any can increase your chances of achieving and maintaining sobriety.


After you complete things like detox and inpatient programs, you might still need ongoing faith-based addiction programs. These types of recovery groups can offer social support, religious networking opportunities, and access to continuing care.


  • Some faith-based recovery groups work just like a traditional group therapy meeting. NA and AA are two examples.
  • Other groups meet for religious services where you can trust that all of the people in your church services have some direct relationship with recovery.
  • Faith-based recovery groups meet for sober activities like community sports, radio programs, Bible study, or physical activities.


Participation in any ongoing care, aftercare, or alumni program with faith as its central tenet can go a long way toward helping you stay sober, apply the stress management or trigger coping skills you may have learned during rehab, and talk through your struggles with people who understand where you’re coming from and might be able to give you advice or just listen.


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How to Find the Best Faith-Based Drug Rehab Programs

If you are ready to start faith-based drug and alcohol rehab, Find Luxury Rehabs can help. With our resources, you can compare faith-based addiction treatment programs in your area, finding services like detoxification, dual diagnosis, partial hospitalization, or outpatient treatment. With our help, you can see how religious coping mechanisms and faith-based social support can keep you on a straight path.


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