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College Students

College Students

Find Luxury Rehabs offers specialized support for college students, providing discreet, tailored programs that address the unique pressures and challenges they face, fostering a path to recovery while supporting their academic and personal development.

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College Students

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Treatment For College Students

College is a great place to transition into adulthood and independence, but it is also fraught with new challenges, mental health concerns, and stress. It is here that many people try drugs or binge drink for the first time. Thankfully, if you are struggling with addiction, there is no reason to put off getting help.

Find Luxury Rehabs can help you compare drug rehab for college students near you.

College Student Drug Use Statistics

National Surveys have found that:

  • Over 2,000 college students drink for the first time every day.
  • Over 1,300 college students use illegal drugs for the first time every day.
  • 11% of college students use Adderall.
  • Marijuana use among college students has increased by 7% in the last five years, reaching 43% of college students.
  • 5% of college students drink regularly, with 28% binge drinking regularly.
  • One-third of college students binged on alcohol in the last month.
  • One out of every five college students used illegal drugs the previous month.

Our service can help you find the best college drug and alcohol rehab for your situation.

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Why is College Student Addiction Common?

College students often transition from their parent’s home to living on their own. This means they are independent for the first time and are now in a position to deal with stress, academic pressure, peer pressure, and mental health issues entirely on their own. This makes it easy to try drugs and even easier to become addicted.

Stress and Pressure

College students often face significant academic, social, and financial pressures. The stress of maintaining grades, managing a heavy workload, and worrying about future career prospects can lead to substance use as a means of coping.

Increased Independence and Lack of Supervision

For many students, college is a time of increased freedom without parental supervision. This newfound independence can sometimes lead to experimentation with drugs and alcohol.

Social Norms and Peer Influence

The college social scene often normalizes and even glorifies substance use. Parties, social gatherings, and peer groups can heavily influence students to experiment with or regularly use substances.

Mental Health Issues

College years can be a challenging time, and many students struggle with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and stress. Some may turn to drugs or alcohol.

College Student Drug Use Statistics

Alcohol Abuse

Over 2,000 college students drink for the first time every day.

Drugs and other substances

Over 1,300 college students use illegal drugs for the first time every day.

Adderall use

11% of college students use Adderall.

Marijuana use

Marijuana use among college students has increased by 7% in the last five years, reaching 43% of college students.

College Students

What to Look for in a College Student Rehab Center

What you look for in your college student rehab center is based on personal preference, but in general, you might want to consider the following:

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is often very high on the list for college students because this is a critical time when many students subsist on ramen noodles and alcohol. Educational therapy that provides resources on better dietary habits can help alleviate symptoms of depression or anxiety related to improper nutrition while mitigating the risk of eating disorders and the damage done by binge drinking.

Holistic Care

Holistic care might be equally important to you. Holistic care refers to any form of evidence-based practice other than individual and group therapy. Some examples include:

  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Art therapy
  • Meditation
  • Adventure therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Pet therapy

If you are looking for a treatment that involves mental health services as well as drug or alcohol abuse treatment, something like pet therapy or animal-assisted therapy might be helpful for you. With this type of therapy, you might travel to a facility where you work with local shelters or animal service centers, playing with animals, walking them, grooming them, and so forth.


Again, for those struggling with addiction to anti-anxiety medications or alcohol, medication-assisted treatment is an essential first step in your recovery. The medication-assisted treatment provides you with FDA-approved medications to reduce the complicated and painful symptoms of your withdrawal process while also helping to reduce the severity of your cravings. Together this makes it much more likely that you will be able to complete your recovery program and maintain long-term sobriety.

How to Find the Best Drug Rehab for College Students Near You

If you are ready to get help, finding facilities that specialize in services for college students can take time and effort. It can be even more challenging to find those that have the exact services or holistic therapies you want.

With Find Luxury Rehabs, we can connect you to various rehab centers in your area. If you want to avoid getting help in town and you prefer to travel to a more relaxing location, we can help you compare facilities in another location, side by side. With our resources, you can find a facility that offers the exact holistic treatment, medication, and ongoing therapy you prefer.

Reach out to Find Luxury Rehabs today to find the best drug and alcohol rehab for college students.

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