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The Ridge

The Ridge

25 Whitney Dr Suite 120, Milford, OH 45150, United States

Addiction TreatmentAlcohol TreatmentLuxury RehabsMental Health TreatmentRecovery
Upscale bed-and-breakfast-style facility
51-acre private estate
Range of treatment options for alcohol and drug addiction

About The Ridge

Welcome to The Ridge, a drug and alcohol rehab in Cincinnati, Ohio that offers a holistic approach to healing from substance use disorder. Guided by compassion, expertise, and a commitment to individualized care, we provide a supportive environment where you can focus on your path to sobriety. From detoxification to comprehensive outpatient treatment, we offer programs that address the roots of addiction and co-occurring disorders to empower you to get your life back. Contact us today to learn how our Ohio rehab center can help you reach your recovery goals.

The Ridge

Mission & Vision

At The Ridge Addiction Treatment Center in Ohio, we are committed to providing a connected community that helps individuals overcome substance use disorders and achieve lasting recovery. Our approach is based on the 5 C’s: champion excellence, celebrate strengths, cherish family, cultivate clinical expertise, and changes lives. We believe that by fostering these values, we can empower our clients to take control of their lives and build a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Program Overview

Founded in

Program Length

Levels of Care

Upscale Bed and Breakfast


Who We Treat
Adult Men and Women

Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction




Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Psychiatric Services
Family Counseling
Music & Art Therapy
Recovery Nutrition
Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment

Co-Occurring Conditions

Co-occurring and dual diagnosis disorders.


Private Rooms
Fitness Areas
Tranquil outdoor spaces for relaxation and reflection


Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment
Yoga & Meditation
Exercise Therapy & Recreation


Overall Rating:



June 1, 2024
The experience at The Ridge is unique. The environment feels like being at home instead of in a clinical environment. I loved having access and encouragement to exercise in the gym, participate in yoga and enjoy the outdoor trails, pond, pool, and pickleball court. The staff members are authentically in recovery and are really good people. Definitely worth the investment in yourself!


February 15, 2024
Phenomenal experience! The Ridge is second to none, in my opinion. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in your needs. It is exactly what I needed to reset myself. The facilities are wonderful. I’m a picky eater but found myself trying new things daily that the chefs prepared. Wonderful food. But I still cannot express how grateful I am to the staff for their teaching and mentoring. Would recommend 100/100.


March 6, 2024
The Ridge helped me to do what I could not do on my own. Quit drinking. I was taught so much. The eye opening lesson I was taught, is that the effects of alcohol on the frontal lobe of the brain are enormous, and how this is a disease. It will destroy you and those around you if you allow it. The counselors, therapists and support staff were amazing. I was given the tools and lead down a path to recovery. All I had to do was apply them, own my actions and face life no matters what it throws at me. It was difficult at times to say the least, but well worth the tears and the effort. I had been sober for 18 years and relapsed. My liver failing my body a mess. My brain in a fog and life was bad. I have been sober for 147 days now, this to me is amazing! Thanks to everyone that made my stay welcoming, my days enlightening and sobriety mine again. Life is great. Not always easy but great! Julie Canter Grateful recovering alcoholic.


February 6, 2024
The Ridge is a phenomenal place and program. It changed my life and I will always be grateful. The people are exceptional and truly care. I enjoyed interacting with everyone who worked there and especially bonded with JP and Will. I love the Ridge.


April 22, 2024
I was only able to commit to 10 days, but that time helped jump start my recovery. Would highly recommend The Ridge as a pathway to Sobriety. The staff was wonderful and the other clients really made it a safe space.

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