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SOBA New Jersey

SOBA New Jersey

23 Duke St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, United States

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Drug and Alcohol Detox
Young Adult Programming
Mental Health Treatment/Dual Diagnosis
SMART Recovery™

About SOBA New Jersey

We specialize in helping people who have been unable to achieve sobriety with professional treatment in the past, as well as those who have not sought help for their substance use disorders. With only eight detox beds and a focus on providing highly personalized care, we offer a level of attention and care that many other rehab centers do not. If you or someone you love is struggling with the disease of addiction, turn to our team at SOBA New Jersey to learn how we can help.

SOBA New Jersey

Mission & Vision

SOBA New Jersey was founded with the goal of helping young adults struggling with substance use disorders and addictions

Program Overview

Founded in

Program Length

Levels of Care

Luxurious and comfortable care


Who We Treat
Men, Women, Young Adults, College Students, Executives & Professionals, First Responders, LGBTQIA, Shalvah & Kosher, Veterans.

Addiction treatment including Alcohol, Opioids, Heroin, OxyCodone, Marijuana, Prescription Drugs, Stimulants, Suboxone, Inhalants, Crack, Adderall, Sleeping Pills, etc.




Individualized therapy plans
Combination of Eastern and Western medicine
Alternative approaches to addiction treatment

Co-Occurring Conditions

Treating substance use disorders
Mental health disorders


Gourmet meals
Flexible technology policy

Professional Staff

Julie Deluca

Julie Deluca

CADC Intern Care Coordinator Manager

David Martin

David Martin


Jeffrey Berman

Jeffrey Berman

M.D., DFASAM Medical Director

Samantha Sweeney MA, LPC, NCC, LCADC

Samantha Sweeney MA, LPC, NCC, LCADC

Administrator and Director of Clinical Services

The Detox Center

What Our Patients Say About Us


This rehabilitation center is phenomenal—the personnel is phenomenal! I was furnished with exceptional attention.

Lois J


Without a doubt, this treatment facility was the finest. I am speechless with gratitude towards these individuals for preserving my life. It was a truly remarkable experience.

Josh D

Great Staff

Staff was amazing; they really helped me reset my life and get sober.

Steph J


Overall Rating:



May 9, 2024
Ignore Raymond. He couldn't cut the mustard. The staff is phenomenal!!! Ry is my guy. Jen is stellar! And johnny boy kept my head in the game and I walked out with so much money stacked and no debt. I would have lost all of that if they didn't care as much as they did!! Mike knows the BEST places for food. Andre and Nichole are SUPER cool. The in-house meals are pretty good too!! (Joel Mike and Kenny) Michelle and Sheeda are hilarious 😆 Meetings and groups with the most warming of welcomes you can ask for from the alumni. NOT A SINGLE ISSUE WITH ANYONE. If you're ready for change and stick to it this is the place!!! I love all of you guys and thank you for everything!!!! YOU SAVED MY LIFE.


May 9, 2024
I went to SOBAs residential and sober living program and it really helped me on my journey with recovery. The facility was great and so were the people. Mike C in particular was so great, he was kind, compassionate and welcoming and he also kept it real with me which was exactly what I needed. Couldn’t recommend SOBA enough.


March 7, 2024
If you are struggling with mental health or the disease of addiction I highly recommend SOBA. It is hard to put in to words how amazing this facility is. You truly are seen and heard here, you aren't just a number at an institution. It is a small personal environment that makes you feel like you're at a home away from home. It's never easy taking that first step to getting help. But trust me, if you do it with SOBA, you'll be happy that you did. The nursing staff, tech staff, clinicians, supervisors (Mike & Michelle) and the director do a fantastic job to create a safe space to learn, heal, and recover. I am so grateful for my time there and for the bonds that I formed with the clients and especially the staff. It works if you work it.


April 24, 2024
I spent 10 days in SOBA's detox unit and 20 days in residential. The "Tech" and clinical staff were incredibly kind, empathetic, informative, and inspirational, particularly "Tech" Director Mike Costagliola, who managed my intake and was a fantastic resource throughout, and Clinician Robert Sena, who was assigned to oversee my treatment and progress, which he did with kindness, grace, insight and respect. A stage was set by the aforementioned, and many others on staff, as well as guest speakers, to not only give me tools for recovery, but an appreciation for myself and sober living going forth. The food was fine, particularly when Chef Joel was "in the house". The steam room and sauna, located in the downstairs Detox unit, which one might see in the brochure, were not particularly inviting, and to my knowledge, not used by anyone in my 32 days there...but hey, they are not exactly prerequisite tools for recovery. Gym access is available most days during Recreation time. While not on-site, it's a short drive away (provided by staff), at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. The facility is state of the art and an important tool for recovery, accessible once one is in the Residential unit. Tech staffer Ryan Larrea is a standout among standouts, bringing his joyous, inspirational, understanding and kind demeanor to all patients. I am several days home know and continue on a happy, reinvigorated and SOBER journey going forth in my life. Many Thanks SOBA and a staff that I will always value greatly!!


May 10, 2024
I highly recommend soba to anyone struggling with addiction. I'm very grateful started my recovery here. I did the detox and residential program. The tech staff is lovely, the food is great, and the place is clean. The best part was that got to attend an AA or NA meeting almost every night. I learned a lot here and I'm grateful for the experience. Thanks soba! :')

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