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Riverwalk Recovery Center
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Riverwalk Recovery Center

7446 Shallowford Rd #116, Chattanooga, TN 37421, United States

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Job and interview preparation
Nutrition and wellness education
Legal assistance
Case management services

About Riverwalk Recovery Center

Our program is designed to be flexible enough that nearly anyone who needs help can access it. If you have family, career or school responsibilities, we will work with you to find a fit for your needs. We are committed to helping you develop a personal recovery which you can call your own and which fits your life.

Riverwalk Recovery Center

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be a standard bearer in the substance abuse and mental health treatment space.

Program Overview

Founded in

Program Length

Levels of Care
Detox, PHP, IOP



Who We Treat





Twelve-Step Facilitation Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Trauma Recovery / EMDR Therapy
Family Counseling
Individual Therapy
Group Therapy

Co-Occurring Conditions

Eating disorders


Music Therapy
Education Workshops
Adventure Therapy
Gym time and sports
Hiking, biking, kayaking, Gaming, pool time, fishing, and more

Professional Staff

Dahlia Reyes, LPC

Dahlia Reyes, LPC

Executive Director

Amber Lowe

Amber Lowe

Clinical Supervisor

Amy Risinger

Amy Risinger

Primary Therapist

April Howell

April Howell

Primary Therapist

Collier Brown

Collier Brown

EMDR Therapist

The Detox Center

What Our Patients Say About Us

The staff are friendly, helpful, and all around wonderful people. The owners are always there when you need them. Clinical groups are helpful and informative. The staff and other clients make it easy for people like me to open up.

Matt C

Great place, genuinely care for their clients, sound therapists, very compassionate people, well trained staff that go out of their way to assist clients with anything and everything.

Michael S

I’ve been to a lot of treatment centers but this one genuinely care about their clients and go above and beyond to make sure you have the best care possible. All the therapists, employees and even the admission coordinators are great. I would give this place 10 stars if I could.

Ryan L


Overall Rating:



March 14, 2024
While most was good about my experience it is a cultural shock as well. Not quite as it shows but if you make the most out of the program it is worth it. While the planned trips are not always the best and should be organized not just going somewhere and sitting there. Also I u destined that this is part of the network however I feel that it would have been great to do things with just the Riverwalk people and not always having to work with the other building. Housing is what you make of it. While we have issues and reasons for being there in all truth if you make it a bad place then it is a bad place. The staff worked great to help those there and were great about protecting each client while there. While I was only there for PHP program they really cared about those in IOP as well and tried to help them as long as they we were willing to work the program and try. Yes things happen but they were always handled and dealt with quickly and efficiently. George (tech) was great. And the 2nd shift , Jarred, Mike, Melina, Steve, “Mama” Jennifer always made the evenings better after getting back from clinical. For having all the clients from both facilities in housing and all the difference the 2nd shift was really able to keep a good handle on things with 30+ clients there. Not an easy task considering meds and house checks but they were great. It also helped me when there that we had a good sense of community and would do a lot of family meals outside since we couldn’t mix the women and men into other houses. It is treatment after all and so there are rules but it isn’t like you are watched 24/7. There not cameras in the rooms nor main rooms of the house so it is private however the techs are always checking every 15 minutes. But where there is a will there is a way I will say. Several left due to the fact that they were doing things or trying to that were not acceptable. So remember they are human too and while they want to support everyone some times it isn’t enough. You have to be willing to accept the help and open to changes. That is one great this this program taught me. I still talk to quite a few of those meet in treatment and we have our own support group outside now. While we really wish that we could talk with some of the staff and let them know how we are doing the corporation does make it hard for us to give feed back to them, which after being with some of the members for over a month is hard because you know they truly care and you want them to know that you are doing well that they helped you. Overall I spent 60 days in the Harmony Oaks programs between a residential program and the PHP program. some are life time connections others were passing ships but a huge impact while going through the program.


November 22, 2022
Harmony Oaks Recovery has been a great experience. Thank you to all the Techs, Therapists & staff that have been kind and gracious throughout my time here in Tennessee! I have met many inspiring and awesome people! I am so grateful for my Recovery & this treatment Center. I could not get better alone. Thank you! 🙏❤️✌️


January 20, 2023
Riverwalk recovery center has nice housing for php clients. When weather permits we are taken to a park in the evening. It’s a great park for walking & basketball. The food at Riverwalk is not the best. The staff is very helpful. The case manager Abi B. Is very friendly and helpful. Lance Carter a tech is helpful gets us to clinic and picks up personal supplies when needed.

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