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River Oaks Treatment Center

River Oaks Treatment Center

12012 Boyette Rd, Riverview, FL 33569, United States

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About River Oaks Treatment Center

River Oaks has a 90-day promise that states that clients who complete 90 consecutive days of treatment may return to River Oaks or a sister facility for a complimentary 30 days in the event of a relapse. River Oaks has a medical detox program, residential rehab, and outpatient treatment with supportive housing. Clients looking for short- or long-term treatment are welcome at River Oaks. The facility offers specialized programs for impaired professionals, those in need of emotional healing, Veterans and first responders, and LGBTQ+ patients.

River Oaks Treatment Center

Mission & Vision

River Oaks Treatment Center aims to make its clients’ stay as comfortable as possible

Program Overview

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Treatment Medications (MAT)
Proven Addiction Therapies
Trauma-Based Therapies
One-on-One Counseling
Family Therapy
AA/NA & Faith-based Recovery Programs
Inpatient Residential (IR & RTC)
PHP / Day Treatment
IOP / Intensive Outpatient
Outpatient Therapy


Gym/Fitness Center
Biofeedback/Biosound Chair
Nutritionally Balanced Meals✝


Stress Management & Mindfulness
Wellness Programs
Art and/or Music Activities
SMART Recovery / Other Secular Groups

Professional Staff

Jeffrey Turiczek

Jeffrey Turiczek


Tripp Smith

Tripp Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Fran Myers Routt

Fran Myers Routt

Clinical Director

Dr. Abbas Sina

Dr. Abbas Sina

Associate Medical Director

Michael J. Murphy, MD

Michael J. Murphy, MD

Executive Medical Director

Joanna Haughton

Joanna Haughton

Director of Nursing

 Dr. Steven Ramos

Dr. Steven Ramos

Assistant Clinical Director

Karah Moody

Karah Moody

Counselor III, LGBTQ2+ Coordinator

The Detox Center

What Our Patients Say About Us

First Choice

I just left almost 2 weeks ago after staying almost 35 days. After hearing so many bad comments and reviews I had to leave my own opinion of River Oaks. I have nothing but good stuff to say about the rehab. From day one at intake I was treated with the upmost respect. The groups which were 4 a day were great. Some greater then others. Demetrius is without a doubt the best. He talks and teaches from the heart. Karah, Bethany, Amy, Ken,Tony, Ali are all great. Ali's music therapy is awesome. Christina is the greatest. As my therapist she helped me find myself. I recommend River Oaks in Riverview FL to anyone battling addiction. They don't discriminate against race,sexual preferences, they accept all walks of life. If I ever have to go to treatment again River Oaks will definitely be my first choice.

Sherri S.

Great Staff

Edwin in the kitchen is a wonderful staff member. He is there cooking in the kitchen every morning at 5 am. He plays music for the cafeteria to make things fun and interesting and he is always really friendly to the clients. He makes the days better


Hard Working

Gene in maintenance is a majorly hard worker. He is always helpful and does everything on campus. From fixing things, building things, and keeping everything in stock, he keeps the campus running and always has a great attitude. We appreciate you


Strong Guidance

Olivia the counselor knows how to get the message across. She offers strong guidance in groups and in session. She helped me break through my black and white thinking and change my mentality. I worked through my anger & learned so many coping skills.



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