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Northpoint Washington

Northpoint Washington

7416 212th St SW, Edmonds, WA 98026, United States

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About Northpoint Washington

At Northpoint Washington, we offer a range of high-quality, evidence-based rehab programs for teens and adults. These programs address mental health concerns and substance use disorders. Since our Northpoint location in Boise, Idaho first opened, Northpoint treatment centers have supported long-term recovery for our clients. If your loved one or you need addiction treatment, Northpoint Washington is here to help. Contact us at 425.405.4324 for more information about Northpoint Washington and our treatment programs at our Edmonds, Washington treatment center.

Northpoint Washington

Mission & Vision

Since our founding in 2015, we have expanded to include a dynamic range of mental health and adolescent services, spanning four states, fifteen facilities, and growing.

Like all great companies, we evaluate our business on a regular basis and calibrate it to our core values and our mission, as we serve our patient’s physical health, mental health, and addiction recovery needs. The Northpoint Core Values and Purpose is a doctrine we live by and, since its inception, has included a general treatment philosophy grounded in abstinence-based principles, meaning free from the use of habit-forming medications upon discharge. We have historically defined what we do as follows:

“We deliver a safe, supportive environment for abstinence-based treatment of addiction and improved mental health.”

To determine the most evidence-based approach, we will continue to rely on our expert Interdisciplinary team of medical and psychiatric providers, nurses, clinicians, and caring support staff to understand the individual needs of our patients thoroughly.

We are also mindful to adhere to state legislative requirements that influence treatment plans, discharge options, and risk factors. To avoid any unspoken assumptions or confusion, we believe it is important to be forthright in our efforts to expand our philosophy to allow for medication-assisted treatment approaches, where appropriate, as there is now abundant evidence about what is proven to be effective. This does not mean that we are moving towards becoming a Suboxone clinic, a pain management clinic, or any other loosely associated reason to use potentially controversial medications. It does mean that we do what works in providing safe, highly individualized care, and in doing right by every patient. We are moving forward with a refined definition of what we do as follows:

“We deliver a safe, supportive environment for recovery from addiction and improved mental health.”

Program Overview

Founded in

Program Length

Levels of Care



Who We Treat
Adult Men and Women





Alcohol Detox Center
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Drug and Alcohol Detox
Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Drug Detox Center
Dual Diagnosis

Co-Occurring Conditions

General Anxiety
Panic Disorder
Eating Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Personality Disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Postpartum Depression
Social Anxiety Disorder
Sleep Disorders
Cyclothymic Disorder
Sexual Disorders


Clean, comfortable, environment
24/7 on-site medical care
44 beds
Large outdoor courtyard
Nutritious meals served daily
Regular yoga and exercise


Professional Staff

Erica Lopez

Erica Lopez

Executive Vice President, Operations

The Detox Center

What Our Patients Say About Us

It’s a nice new facility, great staff, and northpoint gave me the tools I needed to be sober and live a better way of life.

I’ve been involved with Northpoint as an alumni for the past 5 years (I was a patient in 2018 at the Boise location). I come do alumni speaking engagements at this facility 3-5 times a year for the past 5 years. I didn’t go to this facility (because it didn’t exist when I got sober in 2018) but I go enough through the year to be comfortable leaving a review for it.

It’s certainly one of the nicer treatment centers in Washington (I’ve been to a few others). Covid was hard for the facility (outbreaks, more zoom, and staff turnover). It’s now significantly better than it was a couple years ago. Staff is great, patients seem engaged, and less/no zoom meetings.

It’s a nice new facility, great staff, and northpoint gave me the tools I needed to be sober and live a better way of life. Their alumni and outpatient programs are also really great to help maintain sobriety after leaving.

Addiction really sucks. It’s super sad but recovery is not for those who need it, it’s for those who want it. Long term sobriety is only possible if the patient really wants to do it for themselves. Northpoint does work for those who want it to work and are honest, open minded, and willing. It’s really difficult at first but over time it gets easier.

Chris Hellmich

Northpoint Washington was not just a life changer but a life saver!

Northpoint Washington was not just a life changer but a life saver! With a staff that truly shows care and concern with a real understanding of where you're coming from. The Recovery Techs, Counselors and entire Medical staff are amazing, friendly, informed and most importantly truly care and believe in what they're doing. If you're debating on an inpatient program or trying to decide which one to attend Northpoint should definitely be at the top of your list!

Adam Napier


Overall Rating:



April 10, 2024
Wow… going to Northpoint in Edmonds has been a life changing experience. I felt completely hopeless because of my addiction to alcohol but Northpoint helped me start my healing journey and I now feel extremely grateful to be sober and am hopeful for having my sobriety be a life-long gift. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, caring, kind, and approachable. They take their work seriously and they are passionate about helping folks. The staff was what made my experience so enjoyable along with the community of friends I made while in the program. I made lifelong friends who now feel like family to me. ❤️ The facility itself is clean, modern, and packed with fun things like a soda machine, fridge for snacks, snack cart, games, books, coloring books, crossword puzzles, etc etc etc. The group sessions are phenomenal - informative with lots of opportunity to interact with the counselor leading the group and your peers. The individual counseling is amazing as well. My counselor had such great insight into my case and helped me understand how to tailor my discharge plan to best fit my needs. I came in with a suitcase of clothes and a sad, hurting heart. I left Northpoint feeling rejuvenated, counseled, hopeful, and supported. Trust me, if you’re struggling and need a place to go for top notch inpatient care AND community, Northpoint is the place for you.


March 16, 2024
Absolutely amazing experience. The staff is genuinely caring and knowledgeable. I am confident that I have been set up for success in my recovery. They work with your individual needs and do their best to make Northpoint a safe environment for people with any time of addiction. Very welcoming and positive vibe. It rubs off on patients and I learned so much from my time there. Proud to be a Northpoint Alum!


April 12, 2024
I have enjoyed my path to recovery At North Point. The staff, nursing, and techs made my stay feel safe. The community that was built during my stay was what made it fun . I have met so many great people . Today I think I finally have found a path forward to live life sober. Thank you for all you do. Lisa Dardzinski


March 6, 2024
Northpoint was amazing. The care I received there was exceptional - my disease of alcoholism plus my mental health was addressed widely. The techs, nursing staff, psychiatric nurse practitioner Power, and my counselor Trish were such a great help. Minus some issues with some lack of communication, I definitely enjoyed every day spent there to start on my recovery again. Thank you for everything!


March 10, 2024
Northpoint was a safe, comfortable soft landing for me in my recovery. The staff are incredible, specifically the techs Amber, Kaylie, Shawna and Luke. The facility is very nice and you are well cared for. I would have loved more healthy food and increased time at the gym, but it's clear that the entire crew work hard to make this a successful experience for all patients.

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We work with most insurance providers in the U.S. to provide the best possible coverage and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.