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New Season Treatment Center

New Season Treatment Center

5605 Clifford Circle Birmingham, AL 35210, United States

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About New Season Treatment Center

With more than 80 addiction treatment centers in 20 states nationwide. In addition to providing customized therapeutic programs and Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs to patients, we also work to support the education and understanding of opioid addiction as a disease that can be addressed with treatment services.

New Season Treatment Center

Mission & Vision

To triumph over opioid addiction by integrating treatment, counseling, and compassionate care that saves lives.

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opioid addiction




Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
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The Detox Center

What Our Patients Say About Us

Have been treated with the up most respect, I couldn't have been given a more caring, loving, counselor when I made my transfer!!!!!!!!😁😌 (feeling blessed 4 that!) But she rocks!! Not to long after transferring I had a major come apart in her office & other counselors came in to h& helped me calm down, but they, my counselor & her coworkers did it in such a truly caring & concerned way!!!!! I left with the feeling that I was a whole person & they treated me with so much dignity & respect, not like I was just another number, but a person!!! They have ALWAYS treated me like one of them, they will (when time allows) joke around with clients & I truly get the feeling that my counselor cares in my progress & how my depression has been. Idk, every one has different experiences, this has been mine.... Don't give up on you, believe it or not, there are people who want to help you, the whole you, you ARE worth the fight!!!!

joy Parkman

In my personal experience I did not start the clinic to get clean, but I ended up with a counselor who believed in me and pushed me to stay true to myself and simply be honest about whatever I was going through. I hated going there so I never wanted to talk or share, but she never let me wiggle around it. At some point I got motivated about taking care of myself and my love ones. I stopped using and received takehomes which makes life at the clinic way more convenient. I must say this before you step through those doors and commit make sure you research what you are about to do. The first few months are tough but make your goal and out there as well. Methadone is highly addictive and tuff to detox off of. I'm on day 6 it's and it's no going back. Just educate yourself... I would never have gotten clean without the clinic. While you're there use your resources, there is a lot out there for folks us. You just gotta research. Thanks Brenda for believing in me.

Adrian Rashid

I was a patient here for 4 years and i can definitely say this is one of the nicer mmt clinics in and around bhm. .. Methadone treatment saved my life, & allowed me to actually LIVE my life again vs the monotony of scheming , stealing, lying and having opiates (of any/all kinds) be the love of my life and the #1 priority ABOVE ALL ELSE! Now BC of MMT TREATMENT Clinics ,no matter which one I am using (ive been a patient in 4 or 5 diff locations for since I was 22, so 13 years w a few short breaks attempting unsuccessfully 2 get off of it and it just never worked and every detox w the UNBEARABLE WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS always lead me right back to MMT again so I could attempt to regain some of what my life should've been... Vicious cycle but addiction is a disease. ... So my daily prescribed dosage of methadone is what keeps my disease in remission basically. I know some people can use mmt to get completely clean of all narcotics, & hooray 4 them but Ive come to accept the fact that I will probably be in mmt for the rest of my so called life. I wasnt blessed w a strong will power 4 pain and genetically I was not shorted w addicts in my family... Sooooo anyway this novel is ending w ....
Tri county treatment center is ran by a very professional understanding staff of doctors, nurses, counselors & they work very hard 2 provide each client with a personal, unique, & cocompassionate treatment plan that will best suit every individual that walks through the door ready 2 end the street life of illegal, dangerous routines that will only kill u or lock u up. 5 stars. ..

Erica Shelnut


Overall Rating:



April 6, 2024
Majority of the staff is extremely rude, the only reason I gave them any stars is because of the 2 or 3 people there in the entire staff that care about doing their jobs effectively. The remaining staff treats this place like Auschwitz, zero respect for anyone much less themselves to be talking to people sideways like they do. If this business wasn't propped up by the government grants, hand outs, and bureaucratic red tape it would have long ago gone out of business . *************EDITED REVIEW************ I raised them from 2 stars to 4 stars once again it is due to the few people there that shine. I was brought into the directors office to make me aware that she heard about my situation and the employee that was aggressive and talked sideways to me and that wasn't how they operate. I did get the sense that she was genuine and not going off of a memorized script. The good employees are there but they are outnumbered sadly with the ones with big egos and bad attitudes.


February 28, 2024
I enjoy this clinic. All the nurses are pretty nice at the window. There's a big turnover of counselors but most of them are nice. They have an awesome peer counselor that is great to talk to Edward

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