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Little Creek Recovery

Little Creek Recovery

359 Easton Turnpike, Lake Ariel, PA 18436, United States

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About Little Creek Recovery

I started LCL in 2007 because of an absolute need for a better extended care program. In the 1990s and early 2000s there were flop houses, sober houses and half way houses that didn’t offer quality care, “we were sending patients to flop houses and they were just relapsing all over the place”. A completely new wave of young adults had emerged from the opiate epidemic.  Treatment needed to evolve, and necessity was the mother of invention.By 2004 it was pretty well known in our industry out West that extended care produced quite a different result in longer-term recovery. This trend slowly moved east. In 2007 we opened Little Creek. A movement in young adult recovery began to really gain momentum and the timing for our program was perfect. The conditions were right due to an epidemic of opiate, benzos and research drugs in the young adult population of America. The United States consumes 80 % of the world’s pain medication; we have an appetite for numbness.

Little Creek Recovery

Mission & Vision

Little Creek Lodge is committed to building a strong foundation and integrating internalized recovery through therapeutic and 12-Step models, with a focus on the spiritual paradigm. Our message is delivered in a clean, safe, confidential environment that addresses the needs of each resident on both individual and group levels by caring, compassionate, experienced, professional staff.

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Professional Staff

Drew Rusich

Drew Rusich

Clinical Staff

Patrick Pugliese, MD

Patrick Pugliese, MD

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Erika Duffy

Erika Duffy

12-Step Certified Yoga Instructor

Dan Tirado

Dan Tirado

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What Our Patients Say About Us

Found Myself

When I entered little creek, I had forgotten who I was. I was weak physically and void of all spirituality. I forgot the importance of relationships and frankly didn’t even know how to be in one anymore. With After 90 days, I was confused in a good way. I met many people in AA. The staff at little creek were caring and kind. They know what it takes to stay sober and they know what it means to completely change your personality and become the best version of yourself. There was a lot of work to do after discharge and the road isn’t easy. Little creek changed my life and gave me hope, and strength. The program is excellent. If you go there to change, it will be the best decision of your life. In a small place, where many people are uncomfortable, little creek will make you feel like family by the time you leave, and you will crave sobriety as a lifestyle. As you experienced there.


Surpassed Expectations

If I could leave more stars, I would. Little Creek surpassed my every expectation. The clinical staff is top-notch and effective. They involved family in the process and navigated the challenges with grace and skill. The building and grounds are gorgeous and therapeutic. Their approach of integrating confidence-building activities into the process was, I think, key to my son's appreciation of the program. This is the place where he made the decision to live a life in recovery and I could not be more appreciative of the care, communication and skill I found here every step of the way.



Little Creek saved my son when he was just 18. So many caring people believed in him and showed him there was life beyond drugs. He is 6 years sober and just graduated from college. So grateful.

Kim B


Overall Rating:



December 22, 2023
My son went to Little Creek Lodge and I can’t tell you how amazing this place is! He went to a typical rehab first and left after two weeks. I work in the substance abuse field and I knew this place was going to be for him due to the outdoor adventure component. I didn’t know it was beyond the outdoor adventure is was more about the kindness and caring everyone showed him and the amazing education they gave him on the disease of addiction and relapse prevention. When he got to Little Creek he was still not emotionally ready but he stayed. The staff at Little Creek were patient and kind to him and he completed there with some hope and willingness. He still talks about everyone he met there and misses both the staff and his peers. Thank you ALL for the help you have given my son Casey!!! I am truly grateful for all of you!!


February 12, 2024
I'm gonna start off bye saying this place is amazing. It's not for everyone unless you are 100% serious of doing better and be better. This place is no joke! They are very serious in bringing out the best within you. You need to understand this place works as a team. Everything you do... You do together. You eat together... You clean together... You do meetings together... You never lose sight of the brothers next to you! Their stories help you strive to be a better person. When you think you have it bad? You already failed cause they are worse than you. You are here to be a blessing from God. You just don't know that. I honestly thought it was a place to relax and chill... A cabin in the woods? It's way more than that! It's epic! It's different! But just know they mean the 100% best for you and your struggles no matter what they are. It's an intense program for the few that deserve it. I only stayed for a few days but that was and will forever be enough! Keep an open mind and let them work. They got you... Trust me.😇 Amen, God bless and Goodnight Micah


March 7, 2023
My husband went to Little Creek as a broken man. He came home a month later and was completely transformed / positive about the future, embracing sobriety, embracing a higher power, engaging in life, and pursuing activities that he retreated from before. The care, support, community, activities and treatment he received at Little Creek gave him a new life. While I recognize this is early in his recovery period, had it not been for Little Creek we would not be looking at a future of hope and happiness. We will forever be indebted to this small, brotherhood based Recovery Program. We highly recommend Little Creek!


November 15, 2022
I cannot say enough good things about Little Creek. My dad was there and I cannot thank them enough for helping him. The staff was friendly and professional, and deeply cared about every one of their clients. The house was beautiful and clean, what I loved most about it is that Little Creek was like a retreat! Didn’t feel like a prison like some other rehabs do. They have a very wholistic approach which I love. Thank you Little Creek!!


January 30, 2023
Little Creek provided outstanding care and support. The staff at the lodge sets everyone up with success and the tools to maintain a healthy recovery. I would recommend Little Creek 10/10 times for any individual who is seeking help. Phenomenal experience!

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