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Harmony Ridge Recovery Center – Chateau Grove

Harmony Ridge Recovery Center – Chateau Grove

6 Chateau Grove Ln, Barboursville, WV 25504, United States

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About Harmony Ridge Recovery Center – Chateau Grove

Our rehab facility in West Virginia is located inside beautiful and serene Mountwood Park. Surrounded by 50 scenic acres of forests and lakes, you’ll be sure to find the quiet time you need at Harmony Ridge. A recreation room will provide you with opportunities to work on your physical fitness and hobbies while attending treatment programs.


We treat all of our patients the way they would want to be treated: with respect and dignity. We also have strong a Alumni Program that stays connected with you even after you walk out of our doors. Career resources and support groups will help you remain on the right path.


In addition, a large number of our staff members have been affected by addiction, whether having suffered from it and recovered or seen a loved one deal with it. You’re not alone in your fight to get sober; we’ve all had to battle our own obstacles, too.

Harmony Ridge Recovery Center – Chateau Grove

Mission & Vision

To provide individualized, evidence-based addiction treatment in a comfortable, compassionate, and caring environment where patients can feel safe and are encouraged to live a life of sobriety. We will respect our patients’ rights and their dignity throughout their struggle from addiction to recovery. We will do this by adopting an environment of care, trust, and responsibility for oneself and for others.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Individual Therapy
Family Therapy
Group Therapy
Art Therapy, Holistic Addiction Therapy

Co-Occurring Conditions

Bipolar Disorder
Eating Disorders
Personality Disorders
Borderline Personality Disorder


Full cafeteria
Adventure therapy
Basketball courts
Fitness room


Music and art therapy
Outdoor sports activities
The Detox Center

What Our Patients Say About Us


Hi my name is manny and I’m an addict. October 18 2022 is my sobriety date. I was in active addiction for 12 years and am now happier and heather than I have ever been. I owe a lot to everyone at harmony ridge. You guys have made an impact on my life that I never thought could happen. Thank you to the staff at harmony ridge!!


Skylin Funk

My name is Skylin Funk I’m 26 years old & this is my story.
My addiction started when I was 13 years old after going through something I didn’t think I would ever make it through. It started with alcohol & I just remember not so much falling inlove with the alcohol itself , but falling inlove with NO FEELING. Somewhere along the way I was diagnosed with Bipolar/PTSD/Severe Anxiety. I tried Xanax for the first time & that’s the day I allowed substances to take over. I was so inlove with the feeling of nothing when I didn’t have them my emotions were too intense to bare. I eventually ended up in jail for the first time with my first felony at 21 years old. I was given a chance to make things right and I just wasn’t ready. I relapsed and this was around the time in my area pills were being “pressed” with fentanyl … after my relapse, I then went back to jail and that’s when I discovered that I have been doing fentanyl anyways, this continued on all the way up until they finally got tired and sentenced me to a rehab while being waiting to be sentenced to prison, that’s when I’m went to Harmony Ridge. By the time I got to Harmony Ridge I was so in denial I thought because I was caring for my kids paying my bills that I wasn’t out of control. I literally tried to hike up a hill and escape !!! 😅 Jacob May is probably the first person I talked to after I was trying to leave and whatever he said it’s stuck and I stayed, I met amazing beautiful people on Harmony Ridge even though I was a big brat and I may have bothered people every day they made such an impact on my life. It wasn’t in the plans for me to be able to stay and I ended up relapsing again I gave up, I try thought that because I didn’t get my way and I couldn’t leave and start over that it was over for me then I ended up in prison and that’s when I decided that it didn’t matter where I was if I didn’t stop an inmate and an absent mother and an addict was all I was ever going to be. October 15th 2022 was the day my life STARTED again. I’m now home sober working full time raising the little people I made !!!! I am greatful to wake up and feel emotions and be able to handle them properly I can raise my children in an environment where they are at PEACE . I have support today that I never truly believed I would have & today im happier than I’ve ever been in my life even on my WORST days. Thank you to EVERYONE who made an impact on me at HRRC which was a good 80% of you !! If I can do it you can too today I’m still no where near perfect but IM SOBER ! I sleep at night, I laugh, I cry, I FEEL & I wouldn’t trade it for anything

Skylin Funk


Overall Rating:



April 4, 2024
Harmony ridge for me was a lifesaver. They gave me an opportunity to become a better me for me which in turn, has gave me my life back not only am I clean and sober I am becoming a better father,son,and friend. While there I had the opportunity to focus on the unemployed emotions that I suffered from which led me to drugs and alcohol in the past I am now living in a new way I go to sleep at night thinking about how I can strive to become a better me each. The staff is beyond amazing they are willing to go above and beyond in order to help a fellow addict so if you're someone who is out there struggling with addiction and then getting clean I promise you if you go to Harmony ridge you will be welcomed with open arms


January 30, 2024
When I arrived at Harmony Ridge I was terrified because it was my first time in treatment. I got over that feeling very quickly because the whole building is filled with love and compassion. The staff there is amazing and most of them are recovering addicts so it helped to know that they knew exactly what I was going through. I will be forever grateful for EVERYONE there and the things I learned from the staff and other residents. Not only about recovery but myself as well. For the first time in my life I didn’t feel alone anymore. My family, my children, and I want to thank Harmony Ridge for saving my life!


February 22, 2024
I checked in to HRRC Barboursville in October 2023 after a detox at another facility (wish I had detoxed at HRRC) I read all the other reviews and here is my experience. I was only in detox for 1 day because I had been sober for 2 weeks when I checked into rehab. Yes, they took everything I owned and washed my clothes, because sometimes people aren't as fortunate as I was and don't come in with clean clothes. My items were returned to me the next day when I went to the main rehab. I did have to ask for items like a razor, my flat iron, etc. back separately but didn't have any problems getting anything back. I stayed for the full 28 days but there were plenty of people who jumped ship during my stay. Yes, if you decide you're walking out and abandoning your recovery stay, you do have to come back and get your things. The goal is to discourage you from leaving and quitting on your recovery. I had an amazing roommate, and a couple that weren't... Three people came and went in my room during the time I was in treatment. For me, HRRC Barboursville changed my life. The staff, many of whom are traveling their own recovery journey, were amazing, supportive and provided a structured, helpful environment. My Case Manager, Aaron and Therapist, Emily made a comprehensive aftercare plan for me that has facilitated my recovery journey. Please don't interpret this positivity as the experience being a joyride. It was far from it. The beds were very comfortable, the food incredible. The atmosphere was loud and chaotic. Sleeping was horrible because it was SO LOUD. The groups were great and I followed the suggestions of the instructors, Case Managers and Therapists and was busy the entire time I was there. Because of this, I learned so much. I'm 150 days sober as of the writing of this review and I owe all 150 days to HRRC Barboursville. If you genuinely want to recover, I couldn't recommend anywhere more highly than Harmony Ridge.


April 2, 2024
Hey let me just start by saying this place has been nothing short of a miracle in my life. I've suffered from addiction for over 30 years and have been through several short and long term treatment centers all over. Between my choice of group selection, utilizing case management and the amazing therapists, it's got me to point to where I'm free not only from addiction but mentally, physically and spiritually. My memory is not to good so I am terrible with names but there are a few that stood out to me, not to say that all the staff wasn't fair, attentive, kind and respectful but Matt that guy in the kitchen, now he made me feel right at home. Thank you Matt, I will never forget your personality. Good old Jimbob, every time I threw a fit, he was there to calm me down n get me in the right direction. Aaron was just a good dude all around. Loralee leadership and the dignity she handles all clients with is unmatched. She is perfect for her position. So if your suffering from addiction, you want a comfy bed, great detox with amazing nursing staff that caters to you. Groups that are fire and all the way to them making sure you have a safe discharge when you leave I strongly recommend you give this place a try. Ohh yeah n how could I forget that guy who does the discharge thing, the alumni guy, Josh haskel. I'll never forget that guy. Thanks Josh for the laughs and you two are perfect for that position. They all help me get my life back and now it's amazing.

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