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Ashley Addiction Treatment
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Ashley Addiction Treatment

800 Tydings Lane Havre De Grace, MD 21078

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About Ashley Addiction Treatment

Ashley provides tracks for men and women as well as programs for young adults who have suffered a relapse. Ashley’s Children’s Program is available on the weekends for families with addicted loved-ones and for children living in a home with addiction. Comfortable luxury accommodations are provided and clients can enjoy spa sessions, music room, yoga studio, meditation room, and 147 acres of beautiful grounds. They accept most commercial health insurance plans and will work with you and your provider to seek the maximum coverage for which you are eligible.

Ashley Addiction Treatment

Mission & Vision

We transform and save lives by integrating the science of medicine, the art of therapy and the compassion of spirituality.

Program Overview

Founded in

Program Length

Levels of Care
Detox and Inpatient

Semi and Private


Who We Treat
Adults, Men, Woman, Young Adults

Substance Abuse




1-on-1 Counseling
Trauma-Specific Therapy
Mindfulness Therapy
Expressive Arts

Co-Occurring Conditions

Mental Health


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Basketball Court



Professional Staff

J. Gregory Hobelmann, M.D., M.P.H.

J. Gregory Hobelmann, M.D., M.P.H.


Alex Denstman, MBA

Alex Denstman, MBA


Robin Davisson

Robin Davisson

Board Member

Erik Bohn

Erik Bohn

Board Member

The Detox Center

What Our Patients Say About Us

Great Setting

The campus was very peaceful with access to Nature and serene settings


Great Food

The food was amazing and since leaving I have been able to stick with a healthy diet

Joe B

Game Changer

They gave me a personal plan that was customized to my needs. It helped me implement this into my everyday life after leaving

Grace S.


Overall Rating:



April 11, 2024
I would like to express my appreciation to Ashley Treatment (formerly Father Martin Ashley). I came in willingly, open minded and focused and was able to take away what I needed to work AA the way it's supposed to be worked and not white knuckled. Ashley, provided me with the positive mind-set, the counseling and tools to become a better version of myself one day at a time. I will always remember my time here during February 2024, it was not a vacation, nor a walk in the park by any means, but since leaving I have committed to what I was set to do and my life is full again. Remember, the real work begins when you get back out in the real world. I will be returning to Ashley for their annual events to keep myself accountable and to remind myself of where I was once.


March 28, 2024
Ashley 100% helped me get my life back and put my recovery on track. I can’t say enough about how much the entire staff is more than willing to help you gain your sobriety. The food was amazing, I gained 24 pounds in my 28 days there. The housing was also great, they clean your room and even do your laundry. The counselors are very well trained at what they do. They are very professional and honest with you, sometimes we don’t want to hear the truth but that’s what makes us face reality. You have weekly one on one sessions with your counselor and daily small group sessions for 3 hours, each night the whole faculty meets for some type of session on recovery. They have a full medical staff to assist you should you need it, they even have a psychiatrist on staff if you need to speak with one. Ashley will give you the tools you need to continue with your recovery. They even set you up with after care, they actually helped me make appointments for after care before I left. They made appointments for me with a therapist in my area at home as well as enrolling me in an IOP program at home. Every employee at Ashley wants us to get better and they will do whatever they can to assist us with getting better. I have no complaints about Ashley as they always seem to listen to what I had to say and always had an answer for me. They gave me the tools I needed to succeed in my recovery.


February 16, 2024
Comprehensive care. The communication with the family was throughout my son's stay. They met his needs as far for individual therapy and group therapy. The.counselor was very involved with aftercare. My son responded to their help.I can't say enough about Ashley except to say they are angels in this difficult journey.


March 5, 2024
A true gift. Rishi R M.D. Ashley rehabilitation center was recommended by over 40 individuals I know in AA. They provide phenomenal service, especially compared almost all other rehabilitation centers in the US. It is no wonder it is in the top 3 in the US. Please do not be discouraged by negative reviews, those are individuals who thought one month in a center can cure a lifelong disease that requires daily work for life. This facility is beautiful. Most other centers are in one building; here it is like a college campus. Ashley provides daily small group therapy, others offer one per 2 weeks. Here one receives 1 to 1 therapy weekly as well, ranging from psychology, psychiatry, therapy, spiritual wellness, and even social therapy. Homework is given to help you in your recovery. Those that don’t put in the work are the ones who suffer relapse. The food is cooked by chefs, not cooks. The only food item not made from scratch is the bagels. Most other centers buy bulk food and ration the amount given. There are more than double the employees than there are patients to ensure the best treatment. Finally: this facility heavily promotes 12 step groups such as AA or NA. 12 step recovery fellowships are the only way to maintain long term sobriety/clean time. Those who fail are those that look for excuses to not attend. Know that nothing is going to “work” on addiction/alcoholism. We spent time and work to use our drug of choice, therefore it will take time and work to stay clean. I have the upmost confidence in my sobriety because I gained the tools at Ashley, and will work for the remainder of my life, daily, in AA.


September 8, 2017
The facility is top notch along with the the excellent food but the best part about Ashley is the staff. From the house keepers and techs to the councillors and nurses everyone there is friendly and professional. And once you've completed the program, you stay connected to the community with all their aftercare services and events. But I've discovered that all the help in the world won't matter if the client (you) are not ready to make the significant changes necessary to be successful in recovery. I want to wish you the best and to remind you that a better life is attainable to those willing to work for it and remember, you're not alone in this process.

Insurance Payment Options

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