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Addiction is a chronic illness that affects everyone regardless of gender, religion, background, or career. When it comes time to get help, specialized treatment centers can offer substance abuse programs that best fit your needs. 


Every demographic struggles differently, but you can get help for yours with Find Luxury Rehabs.

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Our caring team of treatment placement specialists are standing by ready to help you find the treatment that works best for your personal needs. Our hand-picked network of trusted luxury rehabs offers you the power of choice when seeking treatment for substance abuse.

How Are Different Demographics Impacted By Addiction?

Addiction can affect every demographic. However, people who struggle with poverty are more likely to struggle with addiction. This puts particularly impoverished demographics like Native American communities at high risk. Environment plays a significant role as well. People who grow up in a town or a home with high levels of traumatic events and drug use are more likely to accept the normalization of drug and alcohol abuse. Stress can play a significant role. Untreated mental health disorders that come from stressful home lives or careers can contribute to substance abuse, especially for self-medication.

  • 70% of substance abuse admissions are for men. 25% of men go to rehab for alcohol, compared to only 10% of women.
  • Men are more likely to develop substance abuse over several years because of social pressure. 
  • Women are more likely to develop substance abuse over a shorter length of time because of self-medication for physical pain or mental health disorders.
  • Women abuse anti-anxiety medications and benzodiazepines more than men.
  • LGBTQ community members are twice as likely to struggle with addiction as the general population. 40% of adults have a severe mental illness.
  • Transgender adults are three times more likely to abuse prescription opioids or illegal drugs.
  • Veterans are more likely to struggle with alcohol addiction.
  • 36% of paramedics suffer from depression, 29% of firefighters abuse alcohol, and up to 19% of police officers have PTSD. 
  • 36% of lawyers struggle with alcohol abuse.
  • Up to 15% of doctors have an addiction.

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Which Jobs Have the Highest Addiction Rates?

There are many jobs with high addiction rates, but below are some with the highest:


  • First Responders
  • Lawyers
  • Executives 
  • Pilots
  • Pro Athletes 
  • Medical Professionals
  • Veterans


42% of pilots have some drug in their system when tested. This is often a mixture of prescription drugs and opioids. Pilots are usually required to stay awake for 12 hours at a time, if not more, and 26% of them struggle with mental health conditions for which they don’t get any help. Doctors have similarly demanding schedules where they might be on call for 24 hours at a time or longer, some actively conducting surgery during that time despite the severe health risks associated with being awake for that long. 80% of doctors struggle with mental health problems like anxiety and depression, and 15% of them have an addiction at some point in their careers. 50% of attorneys struggle with severe depression at least once, and 12% of them have struggled with suicidal thoughts. As early as law school, high stress leads to alcohol abuse among 36% of lawyers.


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What is Individualized Addiction Treatment?

Specialized addiction treatment means a program that considers a specific group’s needs.

  • Native American individualized addiction treatment might include facilitating the involvement of tribal members or spiritual activities in recovery.
  • For faith-based individuals, specialized drug and alcohol rehab centers include things like prayer and faith-based services, therapeutic workshops, and fellowship.
  • For teens and adolescents, this might include a lot of parental involvement and recreational activities so that they can develop sober habits after their recovery.

Individualized addiction treatment doesn’t just take into consideration your job or the specific stress of your culture, but things you might have endured because of your gender identity, gender risks for specific mental health concerns, and a trauma-centered approach for things like PTSD.


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What Are the Benefits of Going to a Specialized Rehab?

Specialized rehab means a facility that offers the treatment you need most. This can take the form of specific therapies like:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Anger management
  • Dual diagnosis treatment


It can also take the form of specialized holistic treatment options, including:

  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Wilderness therapy
  • Brain optimization
  • IV nutrition therapy
  • Integrative medicine


Specialized rehab can focus on more flexible schedules so that professionals don’t have to miss work or jeopardize their careers. But more importantly, specialized rehab treatment means getting treatment specifically for your demographic. 


In some cases, specialized addiction treatment’s most significant benefit is ensuring sure that you or your loved ones are around age-appropriate individuals. This is particularly true for teen and adolescent recovery. If you have a 12-year-old at home struggling with addiction, you don’t want them to go to specialized drug and alcohol rehab centers full of adults. 


Concurrently, adults who are struggling with addiction because of high stress or PTSD from their job don’t necessarily want to be around college-aged children.


Gender can be significant in recovery. This applies to the people in your group sessions and the medical professionals and therapists with whom you work. Sometimes men, women, and members of the LGBTQ community have suffered violence or traumatic events and don’t feel comfortable attending therapy sessions with people from other genders. 


The type of therapy offered by individualized addiction treatment increases your chances of success. 

  • Completing a rehab program can be difficult, especially if you are a veteran dealing with PTSD. In these situations, having a facility that specializes in a trauma-centered approach can give you the proper treatment and make things more comfortable for you during your recovery.
  • If faith is important to you, the religious aspects of a 12-step program might not be sufficient to help you ground your recovery in God. With faith-based specialized drug and alcohol rehab centers, you can find a facility that puts paste at the center of your rehab programs, helping you benefit from the support of a religious, social circle, religious staff members, and therapeutic church services and fellowship options.


Everybody has a different schedule. If you are a college student or have a teen in your home, you need a flexible rehab center offering specialized addiction treatment around traditional school hours.


As a professional athlete, executive, or celebrity, your schedule might need to consist of night and evening treatment exclusively, with a long weekend for your detox.

Find Luxury Rehabs can help you compare individualized addiction treatment in your area. 

How to Find Specialized Treatment Near You

If you are ready to find a personalized, specialized treatment based on your preferred demographic, we can help. With our resources, you can compare available treatment centers in your local community and anywhere you prefer.


If you have attempted rehab before but failed, you aren’t alone. Often, that failure can be traced back to the lack of specialized treatment. Going to a facility that offers specialized treatment for your demographic can significantly improve your recovery. You can compare different demographic treatment centers side-by-side, reviewing their specialties, the therapies they offer, and any amenities you want.


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