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Tennesse Wellness Center

Tennesse Wellness Center

4820 Old Kingston Pike Suite 100, Knoxville, TN 37919, United States

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment
Behavioral & Mental Health Treatment

About Tennesse Wellness Center

Addiction, substance abuse, and mental health disorders are not only hard on the person who is struggling. Individuals and families alike need healing—and hope is possible.

At Tennessee Wellness Center, we provide comprehensive alcohol addiction and drug addiction programs and mental health treatment with a family-oriented approach. Our founding staff members understand what you are going through because we have been there ourselves. We see ourselves as more than just your support team; we are a family dedicated to you, your recovery, and your overall wellness.

Utilizing proven treatments and therapies designed to support long-term sobriety, we have helped numerous individuals and families find the strength, healing, and peace they needed. If you would like to learn more about our addiction and mental health treatment services in Knoxville, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Tennesse Wellness Center

Mission & Vision

Based in Knoxville, we provide a full range of addiction and mental and behavioral health treatments in an inviting, stigma-free setting.

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Adult Men and Women





Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)
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Treatments for substance use disorders (alcohol and drug addiction)
Bipolar disorder
The Detox Center

What Our Patients Say About Us

TWC is a great place with excellent staff and a wonderful recovery environment that I couldn’t recommend enough.

TWC is a great place with excellent staff and a wonderful recovery environment that I couldn’t recommend enough.

The seventh phase consists of the development of discriminating awareness (parisilanatmaka buddhi) among human beings as they perceive the world around and learn through enquiry and exploration to discriminate truth from falsehood, and understand the causes of their suffering and their resolution.

Some renounce the world and practice austerities, which leads to the gradual surrender and ultimate dissolution of their egos into Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. Beings in the liberated state possess soul consciousness or pure intelligence. They overcome the duality, including the duality of life and death, and cause and effect. It means they step into the shoes of the Creator and develop immense powers to create as well as destroy worlds and realities by mere thoughts.

They will have resplendent ethereal bodies filled with pure light (suddha sattva).
Thus, as we can see, the evolutionary process which we find in Hinduism is a transformative process of Nature from the primordial and unmanifested state (asambhutam) into a full blown and diversified manifested state (sambhutam).

It is not only a physical process involving the evolution and emergence of the body and its parts, but also a subtle process involving the evolution and emergence of consciousness, individuality, intelligence and discriminating awareness. The process encompasses the evolution of the gross body as well as the subtle bodies. While science heavily ersts upon the evolution of the physical being, Hinduism goes a step further to explain a more rests rehensive and holistic vision of the evolution of the mental, intelligent, and spiritual being.

Anthony Avila

You’re in good hands with this therapist!

I had the privilege of attending a mental health conference where Emily spoke about Turning your fear into your superpower and she was OUTSTANDING! She commanded the emotional atmosphere of the room and created a safe space where other therapists, including myself, felt safe enough to disclose their fears and collaborate on how to become more empowered clinicians. I also got some helpful personal takeaways from her presentation. Emily has a caring, nurturing nature about her and she constantly cares for the needs of others. You’re in good hands with this therapist!

Jonathan Le


Overall Rating:



July 10, 2024
TWC is the place you want to go to help your struggle with addiction! I’m so blessed to have been apart of this treatment center! The staff is very selfless, caring, and loving. They will all treat you like family! Please if you have love ones who you believe need help, or if you’re reading this and you believe you need help please consider Tennessee Wellness Center. The therapist and counselors are amazing. They will most definitely help you on your journey to sobriety!! Remember, ONE DAY AT A TIME!


March 14, 2024
There are not enough positive words for my experience. TWC saved my life. I have been all over the country, I put my faith into a power greater than myself, and landed in the best possible place a lost hurting and broken father could have found. Dual diagnosis, trauma, PTSD, ADHD, and borderline to name a few, took me out and down around until I found my home here in Knoxville. From my directors to the therapists to the techs, I received nothing but the best care. I was blessed in finding the groups, the routine and supportive housing were the structure and care I lacked. The real gift they provided was the rides to program, medicine as scheduled (I always forgot in my past) routine, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat :) and the accountability. Being able to be driven to weekly meetings, being in a supportive community, and having peer to peer support made the biggest changes in my recovery. The network in Knoxville is strong and they are such wonderful caring and brilliant people. I never felt safer and happier in my life. Without disclosing "TMI" what I overcame, while being able to cope and process...... I know in my heart I would have not coped and definitely would not be here....period. I mean that. My children now have a father, though in another state, who listens, loves, and cares both for himself and them. I was lost, confused, hopeless, restless irritable and discontent Now I feel gratitude, empathy, spiritually fit, and have in my opinion had a complete change in psyche and a "restoration of sanity" if you feel what I'm "stepping in" To my friends I made, they're not friends they're family. To the staff they saved my life. Whole hearted. I thank you so much from the top inside and bottom of my entire being. I love everyone in that building and cannot express enough how successful and thorough their program can be. Thank you very very much. - Philip P- Please if you or anyone you know needs support help or a similar story. This is the place!!!!!!


May 31, 2024
Wonderful place for treatment. TWC changed my life for the better, and I will be forever grateful. I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs a fresh start and some extra support on their journey. I met some amazing people here who really inspired me, as well as having a really great therapist during my time here!


May 16, 2024
I absolutely loved everyone I worked with at TWC. Robyn and Becky were absolutely amazing with everything from making me comfortable and working through everything from financials down to the actual program and then again with after care. I absolutely 100% recommended anyone going through TWC for any addiction or mental health issues. This team is amazing and they deserve so much. I can’t ever express my gratitude for TWC! I met so many amazing friends and people here. Thank you!


April 11, 2024
Completely life changing experience. Very loving and passionate therapists, experienced housing staff who are very inspiring people with amazing success stories. I was provided a complete and total pathway to begin my recovery with all the love help and support while there and after I graduated that I could ever need and more than I could ever imagine possible.

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