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Luxe Recovery

Luxe Recovery

3787 Prestwick Drive Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States

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Pool & Spa
Private Chef
Private Rooms
Recording Studio
Game Room

About Luxe Recovery

Luxe Recovery utilizes a multidisciplinary team approach for treatment planning to address each client’s individual needs. Our treatment team includes a Medical Director, specializing in detox medicine, a Clinical Director, Registered Nurse, Licensed Clinicians specializing in dual diagnoses and professional case managers.

Luxe Recovery

Mission & Vision

We believe that covering all aspects of substance abuse paves the way for a successful and lasting recovery.

Program Overview

Founded in

Program Length

Levels of Care
Detox, Residential, IOP, PHP

Semi-Private and Private rooms


Who We Treat


6 beds



Art therapy
Individual therapy
Family therapy
Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy (EMDR)
Relapse Prevention groups
Somatic Therapy

Co-Occurring Conditions

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Cognitive function
Bipolar Disorder


Heated pool and spa
King sized beds


Chiropractic sessions
Massage therapy
Creative writing
Music groups
Acting classes
The Detox Center

What Our Patients Say About Us

I had lost all hope before finding Luxe Recovery. Their compassionate team not only helped me overcome my addiction to drugs but also provided a luxurious and supportive environment. The personalized care and attention to detail made all the difference in my journey to recovery.


After struggling with substance abuse for years, I finally found solace at Luxe Recovery. The holistic approach to treatment and the comfortable facilities made my rehabilitation experience truly transformative. I am now living a healthier, happier life thanks to the unwavering support I received.


Luxe Recovery didn’t just help me overcome my addiction; they taught me how to rebuild my life. The luxury aspect was a bonus that made the entire process more comfortable and enjoyable. The dedicated team at Luxe Recovery truly cares about each individual’s journey to recovery.



Overall Rating:



April 5, 2024
After the passing of my father I wasn’t allowed any peace of mind. Luxe Recovery was able to give me just that! The groups here are good but light to where I was able to process things. I also really enjoyed that they took you out on outings. They get you out the house to enjoy life. Luxe Recovery makes you feel like a person rather than a patient. I loved it!


January 30, 2024
As a parent, I was desperate to find a treatment center for my daughter. We had exhausted all the resources in our town. So, with barely a sliver of hope left, I began to search for residential recovery homes on the internet and this is where our relationship with Luxe began. The Luxe staff was welcoming and reassuring that they could help us. They were kind and transparent about the intake process, and what she would endure in detox. There were no steps left unturned and no details missed...they picked her up from the airport when she arrived, provided chef made meals, a structured routine, and they carved out time in her busy schedule for exercise and self care. The staff is on top of everything! Her counselor created an individual treatment plan that focused on her substance abuse and her mental health issues. Luxe cares about their clients and they are able to provide personalized attention. My daughter felt like family here, she felt accepted, and not judged by staff. She was able to open up to them about her past trauma. Today, my daughter is in recovery and she has one and a half years of sobriety! My daughter did the work but Luxe provided her with the structure she needed, along with the fundamentals of the program, and recovery tools for her to stay clean. If you are a concerned parent who feels that your son or daughter may have an issue with drinking or drugs don't hesitate to call Luxe. They will be there for you!


January 11, 2024
The care is top notch and you can't be loved more by anyone, anywhere else. No problems at all. A+++! I will refer luxe recovery to anyone looking to detox and live a life of sobriety. Thank you luxe you saved my life!


November 12, 2023
My good friend works at this treatment. He is well oriented and knowledgeable in recovery. They asked me if I was available to come to their facility to cut their clients’ hairs. I was delighted to do so. That’s so awesome that they offer that type of service. One of the Luxe Recovery Homes had a little barbershop setup next to a music studio. Amazing! All the Staff were very friendly, considerate and respectful. I pick up on behaviors quick. Moreover, I noticed the place was very clean and organized. Along with really creative art on the wall. Great ambiance and therapeutic environment. The hard part about the disease of addiction and alcoholism is acceptance. Realizing a problem exists. Surrendering to drugs/alcohol. To win. Once one does that and is willing to put in the work and ask for help, along with a higher power … I am more than confident Luxe Recovery can help. Furthermore, when one gets clean and sober, it doesn’t end there. Working on the mind, heart, body, soul, and spirit is important. Therefore, to reflect the positive inner internal feeling, one wants their appearance to match and coincide. Luxe provides that. For me to come and cut hair and chop it up via recovery is honoring. Thank you for considering me and giving me that opportunity. I only got a quick glimpse of the place. They had many amenities including a beautiful pool and jacuzzi. Along with their recovery staff, they had a personal cook and maid and even mobile chiropractor! Luxe Recovery is highly recommendable. I love it there so much I wanted to stay!!! 🤣😃❤️🙏


January 31, 2024
Luxe has not only given me another chance at a relationship with my sister, but has also allowed my son to have a relationship with his aunt. She has been sober for almost two years now. Luxe has given her the support and the tools to work through her trauma. I genuinely thought that as my family gained my little boy, I’d be losing the sister I loved with my entire heart. Luxe has made it possible for us all to be together and create so many beautiful memories that I truly thought wouldn’t be possible. I couldn’t be more thankful for this; thank you Luxe!

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