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Connecticut Center for Recovery Treatment Center

Connecticut Center for Recovery Treatment Center

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About Connecticut Center for Recovery Treatment Center

Holistic care, as well as natural methods of treatment for addiction, is an important part of the addiction treatment philosophy of Connecticut Center for Recovery. When the patient begins treatment with us, their needs are examined and a system is set in place so that the best services can be provided in a manner that will benefit the patient as well as the person’s family.

Part of our addiction treatment philosophy involves focusing on the spiritual body as well as the physical body. If the mind and the body do not meet together, then there is a decreased chance of a positive outcome from the treatment sessions. Any issues that caused the drug or alcohol addiction are examined as well because these are sometimes issues that don’t get the necessary attention that they deserve.

We believe a lifestyle change is crucial in order to truly recovery from addiction or alcoholism. Many individuals suffering from addiction are neglecting their emotional, spiritual, and physical health. We address each of these areas in order to create lasting sobriety and a new way of living.

Connecticut Center for Recovery Treatment Center

Mission & Vision

At Connecticut Center for Recovery, we offer individuals the opportunity to recover with dignity at our rehab center in Greenwich, CT. We seek to provide a safe place for individuals struggling with a broad range of addictions and mental health issues.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

Great Program

The program at the Connecticut Center for Recovery is amazing. With the support and help of their talented clinicians, I was able to regain my confidence and control of my life. The clinicians and staff are both supportive and caring. The facilities are welcoming and create an atmosphere of recovery. Both the in-patient and extended out-patient programs helped me get on top of my issues and transition into a healthy lifestyle. I strongly recommend this program if you need to help.

Henry Calamari

Great Structure

Connecticut Center for Recovery is a great treatment facility, and program, methodically structured to more accurately emulate the real world outside of a treatment facility, while retaining a controlled environment. The specific treatment groups allow you to open up to your peers with similar struggles, as well as counselors who understand your struggles, and help guide you toward improvement. The activities such as an opportunity to visit the gym everyday, as well as efforts to provide and lead you towards a balanced diet and healthy habits allow you to reconnect with your healthy state of being, and build healthy habits to continue with. The regimented structure of the program is highly beneficial for building and maintaining a healthy mode of living, and make the transition back to regular life easier than other treatment programs without much routine.

Miles F.

Helped me

Connecticut Center for Recovery helped me immensely in my process of working through my Alcohol and drug use.
The staff at the the facility cares very much about all of the clients and will bend over backwards for anything you may be struggling with or need.
My Care Coordinator Chris not only handled my legal issues for me, but also went above and beyond in connecting me to an outpatient program for when I left and went back home to Texas.
The Clinicians Alexis and Michelle cared about us all and taught me a lot of coping skills and ways to be aware of flawed thinking that so many of us had, which led to a lot of my abuse.
Justine, the Program Director made sure that I was attentive and absorbed all the information I could the entire stay and made sure myself and fellow housemates had what we needed at any time.
They all know that the program works and want to see you succeed and come out the best version of yourself as possible, and it worked out great for me!

Justin S.


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