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Beartooth Mountain Ascent / Beartooth Men’s Rehab

Beartooth Mountain Ascent / Beartooth Men’s Rehab

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Trying to change the world one young man at a time using the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the cowboy code
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About Beartooth Mountain Ascent / Beartooth Men’s Rehab

Beartooth Mountain Ascent (BTMA) offers a Christian sober living environment designed for young men. Unlike many other residential treatment centers, Beartooth Mountain Ascent offers a outdoor adventure experience that enables the young men to reconnect with nature, to develop a positive mindset, while healing their bodies, minds and spirits. Our strength lies in using the Ranch as an instructive tool to teach valuable life lessons and in providing a person-centered system of care that will bring out the individual talents and skills of each of our Students.

Our Young Adult treatment program offers troubled young adults an opportunity to transform their lives by promoting the values of  a great work ethic, self-reliance, spirituality, trustworthiness and the communicative skills necessary for them to develop strong personal relationships. More often than not, young men struggling with addiction and anger issues lack the patience required to listen to others in conversation; they are also commonly deficient with the ability to articulate their emotional needs and, thus, have developed self-destructive defense mechanisms to cope with daily life. Most of our young men come here feeling isolated and misunderstood. BTMA uses a variety of experiential approaches that are successful in helping the struggling young adult develop healthy alternative methods for handling with the stresses of normal life.

BTMA has at its disposal a large working angus cattle ranch that is located near the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park in Clark, Wyoming. It must be emphasized that this is no “dude” ranch that offers only the recreational novelty of a trail ride in the Rocky Mountains; we have 800 head of cattle and 35 horses that require constant attentionand hard work. BTMA will teach the young man all aspects of what it takes to become an authentic “cowboy:” horsemanship, commitment, courage, and faith. In this unique environment, he will simultaneously learn a new work ethic and useful job skill while also discovering inner-resources that will help him repair his damaged self-esteem.

Beartooth Mountain Ascent / Beartooth Men’s Rehab

Mission & Vision

The Owners of these Catholic Recovery Programs Have Over 28 Years Of experience working with Strugling Young Men. Our Ranch Based Treatment Programs offer an outdoor Adventure that is character/virtue focused  in beautiful Wyoming. We provide an opportunity for young men to overcome depression, suicide ideation, drug and alcohol abuse, school failure and anger while helping turn their hearts homeward to God and family. We offer a caring and family focused alternative to clinical rehab, wilderness  treatment programs labeled as a boot camp or brat camp.

Program Overview

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Program Length

Levels of Care



Who We Treat
Young Men (18-30)





Reality Therapy
Equine Therapy
Family Therapy
Experiential Therapy
Life Planning and Coaching
Communication Skills Training
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Various Therapeutic Modalities
Substance Abuse Treatment
Life Skills Training
Vocational Job Skills Training

Co-Occurring Conditions

Alcohol/Drug/Tobacco Abuse
All addictions, including Sexual
Video Gaming
Co-occurring Mental Health conditions
Defiance toward authority figures
Poor/declining relationships
Lack of self-esteem and confidence
Poor personal motivation
Emotional immaturity
Social phobias


Live Each Day with Courage
Take Pride in Your Work


Vocational Job Training
Life Skills Training
Life Planning & Coaching
Communication Skills Training

Professional Staff

Thomas George

Thomas George


Susan George

Susan George


Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider

Ranch Manager & Vocational Educator

Dustin Brinks

Dustin Brinks

Therapist/Life Coach

Michael George

Michael George

Equine Specialist

Danny Canny

Danny Canny

Director of the Carpentry Trades

The Detox Center

What Our Patients Say About Us

5 star

"We sent our son to Beartooth as a last resort. His behavior and his addictions put him on deaths door. We did everything we could to help him and he got progressively worse. His experience at first was very tough. He wanted out and complained relentlessly to us. We told him that most people with addictions want out so they can have access to drugs or alcohol. He's just completed 90 days in the program and the change in him is dramatic. I know the Beartooth staff have a spiritual approach to solving problems, and I am convinced that without divine intervention, his progress would not be sustained. He has committed to finishing the program and we are grateful to the Georges and their staff for helping our son. I will always consider the Beartooth Mountain Ascent staff, our family. Are prayers and support will continue, after our son leaves the program! Terry & Kathleen Carver"

Terry C.

5 star

" Hello parents of troubled young adults, I was in your shoes, trying to find a place for my troubled son. Finding Beartooth Mnt Ascent BTMA/ “The Ranch” was an answer to my prayers. These people are real Christians with hearts of gold. They loved and cared for my son like their own. My son received loving care and true friendships by the House Leaders and Equine Center Leaders. What wonderful people to have looking over your child in your absence. They continue to help and pray for my son, even though my son has left the Ranch/BTMA. They have a life coach that meets with the guys once a week, and he truly understood my son. He took the guys on outings for the day while he connected with them. This is a good place people !!! Thank you everyone at the Ranch/BTMA !!! I will keep The Ranch and all of your residence in my prayers, for continued Blessings and positively impacting these young people’s lives. Forever Greatful, Kristine Black"

Kris B.

5 star

"The hardest thing I’ve ever done is drop my son off here and drive away but I can truthfully say I dropped off a boy and picked up a man 4 months later. If nothing else they give these young men purpose and self worth here. He’s a grown man and good father today!"

Silver S.

5 star

"Very good program. Highly recommend this to those men that really want to get their life back on track."

Chuck M.

5 star


Mary B.


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