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Alina Lodge

Alina Lodge

61 Ward Rd, Blairstown, NJ 07825, United States

Addiction TreatmentAlcohol TreatmentMental Health TreatmentRecovery
Joint Commission
Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment
Accredited Certified Professionals
Eating Disorders Program
safe, healing environment.

About Alina Lodge

Alina Lodge treats co-occurring mental health conditions along with addiction. These include depression, anxiety, trauma, and anger issues. They also address eating disorders with care from their nutritionist and eating disorder counselor. Other specialized groups focus on young adults, grief, gambling, sexual compulsions, spiritual counseling (led by an on-staff priest) and relationship issues. Alina Lodge additionally offers a robust family program with family therapy, education, and peer support with other families.

Alina Lodge

Mission & Vision

As a non-profit provider, we believe that everyone should have a chance at recovery, which is why we strive to make treatment affordable and accessible by offering various inpatient programs to meet the needs of and give hope to everyone seeking recovery.

Program Overview

Founded in

Program Length
28 Days

Levels of Care
Residential Addiction Treatment



Who We Treat
Adult Males and Females





Drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs
Residential treatment programs
Men’s and women’s addiction treatment programs
Referrals to trusted Detox Centers
Comprehensive aftercare
Alumni Program
Haley House Sober Living Home for Women

Co-Occurring Conditions

Drug Addictions
Alcohol Addictions



Detox Living
Chronic Relapse Treatment
Sober Living

Professional Staff

Alexander Kudryk  ​

Alexander Kudryk ​

Medical Director

Megan Hein

Megan Hein

Senior Lead Clinician

Thérèse Smerklo

Thérèse Smerklo

Clinical Director

William Robbins

William Robbins

Executive Director

The Detox Center

What Our Patients Say About Us

Beautiful Campus

Provides high quality care on a beautiful campus. Highly recommend this facility.


Wonderfull Experience

Excellent experience with sending clients to detox and residential. Admissions process is smooth and efficient, communication on client progress throughout treatment is excellent and clinical care is unparalleled.



I greatly appreciate the dedication of staff to help at all hours to assist individuals seeking treatment. Caring staff, experienced leadership, strong clinical.

Dave M


Overall Rating:



November 22, 2023
Alina Lodge single handedly saved my life! I had gone to 15 other facilities over the course of ten years and was not getting the help I needed from my drug and alcohol problem. I was dying and hopeless and Alina Lodge not only gave me hope it gave me the support and tools I needed to recover. Truly recover. The counseling team is second to none. The campus is beautiful and refreshing. This was an opportunity for me to get off of drugs and alcohol and to learn how to live again. The food was outstanding and the accommodations were clean and comfortable. Again, it was the treatment experience I needed to stay clean and sober. My parents are grateful… my children are grateful and I have a new and beautiful life. The CEO Bill Robins is a genuinely caring and loving person, the clinical team is on point and the rest of the staff all seem to be mission driven to save lives from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction.


June 9, 2024
Alina Lodge is the most caring rehab I have ever been to in my entire life. The Family building’s clinicians leadership and expertise lead me to the most rewarding work I have ever done on myself. The counseling, the staff, the community at Alina gave me the ability to find myself from within. I thought my life was over, they cared enough to make sure that didn’t happen. Special shout out to Jackie Re, Megan, Carol, Joe Reynolds, Irish Mike, Phil, Rachael, Karen, Becca, Brandi, Tee, Carly, Angus, Marleen, Elaine, Benny, JoJo, Daneca. Thank you for everything!


February 2, 2024
I am the parent of two young men who attended Alina Lodge recently. One has been sober (over a year) since the day he walked in and the other has been sober for 2 1/2 years (since he walked in). I simply cannot say enough about Alina, the staff, the program, all of it. It's not easy for the guests or their families, but Alina allows their guests to persevere in treatment and get to the other side, so they can really see sobriety and all it has to offer. The outreach to the family is immediate, continuing, and if you avail yourself of it, life changing. The weekly zoom meetings to family members helped us understand what our loved ones were going through and what we can do for ourselves when dealing with their addiction, and in their recovery (and ours). Also, the aftercare programs Alina suggests and set up have helped keep our sons sober, healthy, happy, productive people. This really is the place to be for transformative healing.


June 10, 2024
Alina Lodge is the pinnacle of long term recovery care. I passed through many years ago and it as amazing to see how many of many fellow peers are still sober and thriving all these years later.


February 10, 2024
I was referred to Alina Lodge by a close friend who went there and just Celebrated 22 years Sober; I went there 11/20/22 and have been sober since. Amazing setting, facilities, staff, and program. For me, if was a life changing experience when all others failed. I would & do recommend this facility to anyone seeking help with addiction. My Case Manager, Bill Rust, saved my life, marriage, & family. Thank you Bill!!!

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