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4th Dimension Recovery Centers

4th Dimension Recovery Centers

1216 N Prospect Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202, United States

Addiction TreatmentAlcohol TreatmentMental Health Treatment
Daily Structure and Support System
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Over a Decade of Service
Wholistic Approach
Locally Owned

About 4th Dimension Recovery Centers

When you’re looking for one of the most recommended addiction treatment centers Milwaukee, WI has to offer, we’ve got you covered. 4th Dimension is a locally owned and operated rehabilitation center providing a safe, structured and supportive environment for those seeking sober living. For clients seeking help with drug and alcohol addiction, we work to get our clients into the center within 24 hours. Everything is included aside from food, clothing, and hygiene supplies. Recovery is possible. To learn more about our program, please call (414) 234-5159.

4th Dimension Recovery Centers

Mission & Vision

At 4th Dimension Recovery Centers, we take pride in providing exceptional rehabilitation services to our clients.

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Who We Treat

Medical Treatment, Sober Living, Transitional Living, Clinical Treatment




addiction treatment
day treatment
Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)


Sober living environments
Holistic approach to recovery
The Detox Center

What Our Patients Say About Us

4th Dimension literally saved my life.

4th Dimension literally saved my life. I struggled with substance abuse issues for the better part of 15 years and went to treatment numerous times (7+) with very little success. The structure and community provided the foundation for what is now over 8 years of continued sobriety. I now have the love of my family back and am a Clinical Substance Abuse counselor. Another thing I loved about the program is that all of the staff (own

Michael DeBruin

Honestly all I can say is I wouldn't be were I am today had it not been For 4D

Until moving to 4D in Milwaukee, besides legal trouble I didn't see anything wrong with the way I was living my life. 4D helped me come out of my comfort zone which I did not necessarily want to do. It also made me realize tht it is ok to trust people and make sober friends again. and tht there are alot of people who struggle. Honestly all I can say is I wouldn't be were I am today had it not been For 4D director employees and the community.

Kevin Sha


Overall Rating:



July 4, 2024
I came to 4th Dimension unsure and fearful of the road ahead. I was stepping into the unknown to face myself and battle my addiction head on. When I arrived at 4D I was very nervous filled with anxiety. I was immediately greeted with kindness and understanding of staff from their own journeys, showing empathy and allowing me to feel heard. 4D quickly became a safe place for me to learn, share and practice a new way of life. The programming available meets people where they're at so they may better be of service to those individuals that come through the doors. The one on one therapy is absolutely amazing and helpful. It allowed me a safe place to process and share what laid deep within me, pushing me to become honest with myself and start to overcome the baggage of my past. Without taking this vital step for my recovery I don't think I would be alive today. I thank 4D for the opportunity to be a vital part of my journey through life's ups and downs to find myself. I can truly say 4th Dimension played a huge role in why I am still alive today. I am going into my 4th year of staying clean and sober and have been shown a new way to live and be free. Thank you 4th Dimension.


May 25, 2024
I visited 4D last year during an open house and had a wonderful time learning about the program, the staff, and our brothers and sisters in recovery. Jason Gonzalez pours his heart and soul into all he does. I am inspired by the good he has accomplished in the Milwaukee community.


May 19, 2024
Having known Jason Gonzalez for several years, I can honestly say he is a person of very high character. Though I have not been a resident at 4D, I respect Jason and what he is doing immensely. He is a selfless leader and confidant, with a positive, "you can do it" approach to life. If you know someone that needs help to overcome addiction, Jason is your man.


April 12, 2024
4th Dimension has great values. It's not for everyone, but the mission is community and recovery and everyone who goes through has purpose. Jason is doing great work and his team trusts each other.


May 23, 2024
The presence that 4th Dimension Recovery Center has made in the recovery community has had a very positive impact on the city of Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. The programs and resources that they offer those struggling with addiction has saved countless lives. The CJ Lomas Recovery Foundation is grateful to have formed such a valuable relationship as they continue to provide the much needed resources to those struggling with addiction and hope to their families. They are truly doing God's work.