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Treatment For Women

Women are more likely to use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate and do so from their homes’ privacy. While men often expose themselves to substance abuse through social situations and peer pressure, women usually begin their tumultuous relationships with drugs or alcohol to deal with emotional trauma or chronic pain.


While men might happily accept any substance that gives them the feeling they want to achieve, women are more likely to stick with the substance with which they started. Doing so leads to addiction much sooner in women than it does in men. Thankfully, you can find reliable rehab for women no matter where you are.


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Addiction Rates in Women

Gender plays a significant role in addiction. Sex hormones can make it such that women are more sensitive to the impact of drugs and their withdrawal symptoms.

  • Almost 9% of women between the ages of 18 and 25 have an alcohol use disorder.
  • Women are more sensitive to pain than men, so they are more likely to suffer from chronic pain and subsequently develop an addiction to prescription opioids.
  • Women are more likely to abuse methamphetamine to try and increase their energy at home so they can provide for their families and care for their children while also maintaining a job. They are equally incentivized to abuse cocaine and methamphetamine for weight loss. 
  • Women abuse anti-anxiety medications and benzodiazepines more than men. Women who are given pills to treat a disorder are also more likely to use them at home to self-medicate for depression, anxiety, or sleeping disorders.

Risk Factors

Many risk factors can increase addiction rates in women.

Mental Health Disorders

Women are more likely to struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder compared to men, especially depression, anxiety, PTSD, and eating disorders. Nearly half of those who struggle with anxiety or depression will develop an addiction at some point through self-medication.

Domestic Violence

One in three women experienced domestic violence at one point, and this leads to an increased risk of developing mental health disorders and, later, addiction. 


Women who experience the additional stress of discrimination sometimes turn to drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication. This discrimination can occur at home, within their community, work, or elsewhere.

Family Stress

Women are also more likely to develop an addiction After experiencing the death of a loved one, a divorce, or child custody issues.

What are the Benefits of Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment for Women?

Women who worry about losing connection to their family, social stereotypes, interpersonal problems, an unsafe recovery environment, or issues like gender stereotypes can benefit greatly from gender-specific addiction treatment. In gender-specific addiction treatment, women participate in group sessions with other women exclusively and can choose to have female therapists. 


Treatment Environment

Given the prevalence of discrimination, mental health disorders, and domestic abuse, women benefit from supportive therapies and safe treatment environments. For example, women are much less likely to attend a rehab program if there’s a risk of participating in full-time group therapy sessions that involve men who look like an abuser in their past. In these cases, women’s only drug rehab programs can provide a safe, nurturing, supportive therapeutic environment where a relationship can be cultivated with therapists and other participants based on mutual respect and empathy.


Harsh treatments like the traditional practices of breaking down someone’s morale until they can rebuild themselves as a new person are not affected by women at all. With women’s addiction treatment programs, you can work with a team of professionals who don’t impose gender stereotypes, don’t engage in threatening behavior, blame you, or judge you.


Note: Your treatment environment may or may not have an all-women stop. Women tend to prefer female staff more during addiction recovery, primarily because of previous issues with men or masculine traits. If this is something crucial for you, Find Luxury Rehabs can help you identify which women’s drug and alcohol rehab centers have an all-female staff. 


Social Support

Research demonstrates that having support from a partner or family members during addiction treatment and recovery significantly increases retention and long-term sobriety. A lot of women’s only drug rehab programs go out of their way to incorporate families and partners. This can take the form of family therapy or couples counseling. Things like behavioral couples therapy are heavily associated with sustained recovery among women, and family therapy can be an equally effective component in women completing their outpatient programs.


Find Luxury Rehabs can help you compare women’s addiction treatment programs and find a facility in your area with family therapy. 

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Are Women Impacted Differently by Drugs?

Research indicates that women respond to drug abuse and form addictive behaviors differently than men. Women are more likely to self-medicate using drugs or alcohol and to escalate much faster than men. Once an addictive behavior is established, women are at a higher risk of relapse and experiencing worse side effects. The withdrawal symptoms influence the relapse rate and significantly impact anxiety and mood, which is why relapse prevention and dual diagnosis services are essential in women’s addiction treatment programs.


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Living Homes



Women and Addiction Treatment

Women might experience obstacles to treatment, primarily interpersonal obstacles. Women are often the primary caregivers, so getting help can be difficult, especially if there is any fear that their partner will respond negatively. That is why integrating things like couples therapy or family therapy can be essential and valuable.


Outpatient Programs 

Women typically need a much more flexible treatment schedule than men because they may not have childcare services. For that reason, a lot of women turn to partial hospitalization or outpatient programs where they can fit a full schedule of treatment during the week, during the day, or in the evenings around other personal and professional responsibilities.


Trauma-Informed Approaches/Dual Diagnosis 

Rehab for women can focus on using trauma-informed approaches to identify any history of trauma or abuse. They can also use similar assessments to determine any co-occurring mental health disorders. Because women are at a higher risk of both, it’s imperative to use resources like Find Luxury Rehabs to find facilities specializing in women’s only drug rehab with trauma-informed approaches or dual diagnosis services.


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