First Responders

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Treatment For First Responders

Many rewards come with a career as a first responder. You get a sense of purpose every day you go to work, knowing that you are helping to protect those in your community. But people who work as First Responders are at a higher risk for addiction and mental health disorders. Without finding substance abuse treatment for First Responders, being able to make a difference in your community goes out the window.


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First Responder Addiction Statistics

Research indicates that first responders are at high risk for self-medication and addiction



  • 36% of paramedics suffer from depression
  • 72% of EMTs struggle with sleep deprivation
  • 20% of EMTs have PTSD and are at high risk for self-medication



Firefighters have much higher levels of alcohol abuse because firefighters will binge drink in social situations, among other firefighters, or as a way to relax after work.

  • 29% of firefighters abuse alcohol
  • 10% of firefighters abuse prescription drugs


Police Officers

Police officers are more likely to die from suicide than homicide on the job. This can be traced to high mental health disorders and substance abuse levels.

  • 30% of police officers have a substance abuse disorder. The general population average is only 10%, making police officers three times more likely to need first responder substance abuse treatment
  • Up to 19% of police officers have PTSD


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Why Are First Responders Prone to Drug Abuse?

First Responders are prone to drug abuse and need first responder addiction treatment because of the nature of their jobs. Police officers, firefighters, and paramedics often work long hours, being on call for days at a time with numerous sleep disruptions.


The job also exposes First Responders to higher levels of stress than most people ever deal with, but on a regular basis. That stress can lead to sleep problems, physical strain, and mental health disorders. 

High Stress

First Responders struggle with high-stress and high-risk situations as part of their job day in and day out. That stress often accompanies individuals when they go home. The high-stress environment of a first responder leads to:


  • Severe sleep disturbances
  • Physical strain
  • Long working hours
  • Chronic stress


The high stress of the job can include:

  • Stress from not being able to save everyone in a disaster
  • Not being able to defuse a situation on the job
  • Injuries seen at the scene of a crime or accident


Studies indicate that chronic stress and sleep disturbances put people at a higher risk of developing depression, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders. 


First Responders are prone to drug abuse because of self-medicating for PTSD. Without the right type of addiction treatment for First Responders that includes some element of mental health, these symptoms can get to the point where job performance suffers and personal relationships break down. First responders see things daily like:


  • Survivors of car accidents
  • People are burned or injured
  • Victims of domestic abuse or hostage crisis
  • Horrible illnesses


PTSD comes from individual experiences, things that those close to you have suffered, or things that you have witnessed. First Responders witness much higher levels of traumatic experiences than the general public. 


It’s common for First Responders to drink or abuse prescriptions after work without recognizing that they are self-medicating to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD.


Another contributing factor to drug abuse among First Responders is the culture of the job. Men statistically dominate first responder fields. Men tend to consume drugs and alcohol in social situations because of peer pressure. Men are also more likely to abuse substances a little at a time, over a long period, leading to slower development of addiction.

With Find Luxury Rehab, you can compare first responder substance abuse treatment in inpatient and outpatient facilities. 














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What Are the Benefits of a Rehab Program For First Responders?

When you go to a rehab program specifically for First Responders, you can choose a facility where the participants in your group sessions are all in the same career field. You can also pick a first responder drug rehab center where the staff and your individual therapists, in particular, come from a similar background. This can help you feel much safer, more comfortable with the setting, and open to sharing your feelings and your workplace struggles. 

Dual Diagnosis

Given the prevalence of PTSD and the risk of developing depression and anxiety from workplace conditions, you can find a substance abuse treatment for First Responders specializing in dual diagnosis situations. With dual diagnosis services, you get treatment for your mental health disorders and addiction at the same time while still participating in group therapy with other First Responders.

Trauma-Centered Therapy

Trauma therapy comes in many forms, but each is designed to help you move beyond the workplace trauma that contributed to your addiction and cultivates skills for handling trigger management and workplace stress. Almost all first responder addiction treatment will include an aspect of trauma-centered therapy. You can evaluate specific rehab centers and choose those that integrate trauma therapy approaches.

Peer Support

With resources like Find Luxury Rehab, you can choose a first responder drug rehab center that integrates peer support. For many First Responders, getting help can be a challenge because of the shame associated with mental health disorders within the work culture or the fear of a stigma, job loss, or losing face. 

There are plenty of rehab programs specifically for First Responders where you gain a sense of belonging because other first responder clients or sharing similar struggles.

Family Therapy

When you participate in substance abuse treatment for First Responders, you can find programs that integrate family therapy as part of your recovery process. This can be incredibly important in rebuilding relationships that may have suffered because of your work stress or PTSD.

Reach out to Find Luxury Rehab to learn more about the importance of help at a first responder drug rehab center. 

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If you are ready for help, Find Luxury Rehab is here. When you reach out to our staff, we can help you compare addiction treatment for first responders in your local area side by side. We can help you review the differences between things like inpatient care or partial hospitalization programs and under what circumstances you might prefer one or the other.


We understand that First Responders are at a higher risk for things like PTSD, which is why we can help you look for a first responder drug rehab center specializing in dual diagnosis treatment so you can start a therapy program for your PTSD your addiction at the same time.


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